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You know, I am not a new member...although I havent been on the boards in forever. I had something of a mdc addiction for a long time. My name is darkstar, or as normal people call me Sarah...two beauties dd age 7 ds age 3 we live in Michigan these days, although spent alot of time inMendocino county california. I work outside the home and run an online business with my partner. We are loving life and I just wanted to reintroduce myself to mdc... I am back,...
Hi I have recently moved back to the area, and my kids both started school this year, after homeschooling in CA, this is a very different subject for me The schools want physicals after I signed the no vax waiver. Do any of you know a dr that is ok with no vax. I am not delaying...and wish I didnt have to tell the doctor that. I knw that homefirst is in Chicago and I could go there, just trying to save myself a trip to the city. Thanks in advance darkstar
So I finally broke down and my dd who is 6 willbe attending 1st grade here in MIchigan. When I called the school and asked what they needed for enrollment, they replied a birth cert and immunization record. When I stated that I have the waiver in replace of the scheduled immunization record, they said...what you dont vacinate. The school office called back, I spoke to the princeable he told me that the health dept. and school board requires a doctor signed waiver. Is this...
Why do I love Raven so... she has been my mdc friend for so long. I can pop back up after a year and she still remembers me. And her dreadlocks are ROCKIN!!! darkstar
way too much...I am still paying for the college that did nothing for me: darkstar
hehe thats funny darkstar Quote: Originally Posted by Gumby This is total MDC influence for ya... The other night, I had a very strange dream, in which I met a lady, befriended her and went to hang out with her. She was rolling up something to smoke (something I don't do IRL...anymore ) and I went to get a closer peek, and what did she have? Any guesses? It wasn't the typical green stuff.... It was... : : ...
I live in a community about 1 hout north of san Fransico...all the kids play outside freely. Its great darkstar
Hey mamas Its been a long time. Hanging out in Boulder this week before I head back to cali. love2all, so nice to see you. Are you doing langerado?? we will be there. Hope you are all well...shebi oh how I miss you darkstar
29...I have only one year left of my youth Thanks mamas. Just went to see fireworks,...they were really cool this year darkstar
I know, I know that I am an attention whore: But I just want everyone to tell me happy birthday darkstar
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