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He actually still wears his amber necklace from infancy everyday. So he has 20 teeth right now, are there more molars coming?
My son has started sticking his finger(s) into his mouth and gnawing on them. Without saying much about him or any background, what would be your first thoughts on this behavior?
Liked you both!
Quote: Originally Posted by sbgrace I'm really, really sad and furious for you. On the vitamin C--can you dissolve it in orange juice or another juice? I read really, really good studies on vitamin C to chelate lead. But it was high dose (at least I think 1000 mg per day in an adult). You should take it too. This morning we got a chewable and some c crystals and had good luck getting them into him. I came across that study and felt some...
just wanted to quickly reply and thank Rachelle for posting. After today I went and got a lead test kit and of course the 2 places I swabbed on the exterior siding that is being sanded and 2 areas in my rooms where I saw the dust coming in tested positive. It's so late here that no offical office is answering and I have a call into our retired attorny friend... have to sleep here tonight but hopefully can find somewhere to go to tomorrow and indefinatly. This is...
I haven't posted in ages but I really need someone to help me filter all this because I'm currently a bit of a wreck over it My family lives in New Orleans(Me, DH, Son 2.5yrs old) we just moved across the street into my parents rental(the front half of a very long style house, we have 2 rooms). They have a horrid landlord and just yesterday a painting crew showed up at 7am and started working without notice. New Orleans is one of the top most lead poisoned cities in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pinky Tuscadero Really, really, really gross. Seriously, don't waste your money. They are nasty. Oh no well thanks for responding! Hopefully that will save some of us the money. I guess I'm just going to try the cinnamon one and hope for the best
Quote: Originally Posted by JoyMC extremely gross was the verdict in our house. Oh Nooooo Did you try it??
Has anyone or anyone's children tried these yet?? Reviews??
Quote: Originally Posted by LuxPerpetua I wrote this verse for our fingerplay this week: I shall fold a bit of paper (hands together) And take my scissors sharp (make cutting scissors with fingers) I shall cut a pointed C (make a C shape with hand) Which unfolds to make a heart (make a C shape with other hand to make a heart) I shall sprinkle it with glitter, (shake like shaking glitter) A bit of lace or two (put up 2 finger) I shall add a hug...
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