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lestat, I send you a private message.  my 2nd child started breaking out today.  
I got pox!  In Philly near center city, break out started today.  I have twins, and the other doesn't have it yet, so I'm guessing we may be contagious a little longer than usual.   My house is a mess and being remodeled, but if any philly moms would want a playdate tomorrow (sunday) or even possibly Monday, let me know.  I'd be good during the day.  Please don't ask me to drive out to the burbs outskirts, because I have no idea where any of that is.     Who knew...
I read there is CP on the mainline, but sadly I don't know anyone to ask.  A warning went out to the JCC folks on the mainline. 
Does anyone know any of these families?  there has to be some pox floating around.    Pox Outbreak in Bryn Mawr, PA
There is a yahoo group that I also belong to called NJ PA Pox parties or something similar.  There was pox going around in the spring that I found there, but I haven't heard of anything since May.  CP tends to be a spring disease, so it's unlikely you'll find something real soon.  When do you need CP by?
I'm hoping all of you could help me figure things out as I'm relatively new to flowers.   I'm looking to figure out which FE to give my daughter.  She's 3 years old and extremely defiant and has pretty bad oppositional behavior.  (perhaps a twin issue?)  Anyway, "A" absolutely refuses to use the potty.  She's 3.5 years old, her twin sister potty trained in one weekend and this one fights me tooth and nail.  Her twin sister is very dominant and rules the roost so to...
whew, thanks.  I started getting a bit nervous.
I've never had a root canal so I'm a bit lost.   I'm doing lots of reading and it seems that root canals can be very toxic and in the long term do more bad than good.  Last week my husband had an emergency first half of a root canal.  He's supposed to go back on Saturday and get the rest completed. So my question is, what is put in the root canal?  Are there alternatives?  The nerve has already been removed and the decay has been dug out but so far it hasn't been...
I just went through this too.  I exposed them twice and was hoping to find a 3rd time this summer before school.  I know pox was going around Philly in May.  I'll just keep an ear out.     Can I ask what strategies you used?  We did pass the lollies, traded t-shirts and played for a while and nothing.  I'm starting to wonder if they already have immunity.    
Which doctor is leaving?  (fingers crossed it's not Dr. D)  
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