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Hey! I say call her now! When I was pregnant with my dd, I was so sick and too nervous to take anything for it. I threw up 1-3x every day until I was over 20 weeks, and I lost over 10 pounds. This time, I started feeling sick at 6 weeks and couldn't even try to tolerate it because I have to take care of dd. I tried B6 with unisom and it didn't work for me. I took Phenergen for a few weeks but it just wiped me out and it didn't always work. Now I am on Zofran and I can...
I posted an intro under "Not-Vaccinating" the other day and have posted a few times since, but mostly I have just been lurking and exploring this *huge* site!! I am Jasmine, a 24 year old sahm. My husband and I have been married nearly 4 years and we have 1 dd, Liliana Grace, who is 13 months, and we are expecting Baby#2 in October. Hubby is in the Marines and will be deploying in July.... missing the birth of our baby and leaving me as a single mama for a few months. He...
At this point, I would definitely still let your ds set his own schedule. Just follow his lead- some days he may nap less and other days he may need to sleep all day, but either way it's fine. You're not setting him (or you) up for disaster later on. When he gets closer to about 4 months, you'll notice a big change where he is up a lot more during the day and starting to want to play, and he will let you know when he is ready to nap and how many naps he needs. Follow his...
I agree with what everyone else has said- as long as he is active and seems happy and healthy, that is all that matters! My dd has been in the 5% for weight but for about the last 6 months she has been staying in the 10% for both height and weight. It IS intimidating to think that she is "below average" but when I look at her, she is the happiest, smartest little girl! I don't think you have a thing to worry about!!! Personally I hate those growth charts! LOL!
I am so sorry that this is happening to your son! I can only imagine how scary it actually is to have some of the nightmares we hear about happen to YOUR child. I have heard that Silver Shield is a miracle worker when it comes to just about ANYTHING (it has been said to cure anthrax and any other viral infection you can imagine). You can order it from www.naturessunshine.com
Did you poas????? Hope you get a BFP!
That is so weird! I don't know how they would get your information, unless your dc's ped sent it off to the registry?? That is the only thing I can think of! At my dd's ped, they updated the registry the last time she had her shots (she won't be having any more though!!) and printed off a form with every vaccine she has ever had. It's a bit insane to think your dc's information is so public like that!! I was told it is so every doctor's office in the state (I guess it...
When my best friend took her dd to our ped last time, she asked this question. I can't remember exactly WHERE he said that they were made- but he did say it wasn't in China. Personally though, knowing what I know now about vaccines, I would definitely look for that in writing! I hope someone can help you find it!!
Wow Kristin, that is crazy about your dd! I have heard of diabetes as being linked to some vax but that still surprises me considering she is bf with all organic food. Ughhh, it makes me so mad sometimes about the things these vax are doing to our babies!!! And I completely agree that it's EVERYTHING in the vaccines, not just one or two of the ingredients.
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