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I added a couple of you last week (I think?). I just added some of you as friends so I can add you to the group without your email addresses. Please PM me if you're still not in the FB group and you want to be. Thanks!
OMG Sharita you poor thing! Lice is an absolute NIGHTMARE!!! I cannot believe your ex did that to you, what a jerk. I really hope you got it all gone and that you are done dealing with it. Yuck.   Josie, I'm thinking that I might be following in your footsteps and cutting out dairy.     I think that Ezrah may have eczema as well. I've never had a kiddo that had it, so I really have no idea what it looks like. But he has little rashy patches all over him that look...
I'm going to leave the group on "Closed" status for a couple more days, and then I'll switch it over to "Secret". If you want to join after that, you'll have to PM me with the email address you use for Facebook so I can add you to the group. Thanks!
I can't think about pumping too much or it starts to seem incredibly strange to me and it weirds me out. I do feel sort of like a Jersey cow when I'm hooked up to the pump. And oddly enough, I'd much rather have 800 people in the room while I'm BFing than one person while I'm pumping. I started pumping on July 7th so I can stockpile some frozen milk for when I start back at school in about 6 weeks. So far I have 22 oz stored and my initial panic about not having enough...
We're starting to fall into a routine over here. Ezrah goes down for nighttime bedtime at around 9 pm, after I nurse him. He'll sleep until around 11 to midnight and wake up to be nursed. I'll nurse him and he'll go back to sleep for anywhere from 3-5 hours before waking up to be nursed again. Regardless of what time(s) he wakes up during the night for feeding, he's awake at 6:30 (or really close to it) to nurse and then we'll both go back to sleep until around 8...
We're up to 20 members in the FB group now. :)
  That will only be about 3 1/2 hours from me! We could actually meet in PERSON!   I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. It's hard to lose family members, even when they've been sick and dealing with major illness for a while. Your poor grandma, I'm sure it would be really hard to be apart from someone you've spent that much of your life with.      
Congrats mama_daba! I love her name!
  Do you know where your new station is yet? You're really having to move with a new baby and a toddler? Yuck. I guess that's one good thing about having a c/s is that people won't expect you to do any heavy lifting.   I have no idea how to hold the paci in, other than duct tape. ;)  There are some awful-looking devices that basically strap around the baby's head to hold it in, but I can't bring myself to do that. I think all you can do is wait until he's a little older...
  Playcentre sounds kind of like Gymboree here. I need to find some other moms with babies around here too. All of my current friends have older kids and I'd like to be able to hang out with baby moms. I do go to school with a couple of other women who have babies, so that's good because they understand my schedule. But it's bad because they have my schedule so none of us have free time!    
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