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This would be stunning on you and you could totally wear it out. 
So it has been a while since I last updated you all. Let's see what I've finished. ~a boxy zippered pouch ~a backpack for Fynn's first day of preschool ~2 floorcloths ~finished my sister's quilt top ~a table runner for a swap ~I quilted a quilt my husband put together ~A knit alien for Fynn's Birthday   I think that's about it....but I'm not sure. 
Cute Jacket!  It looks like Anna Maria Horners' pattern.  She does have larger sizes in her All Set Pattern Set.  I have made a few of the jackets, a ton of the quick change trousers and one of the girl tops from that pattern and LOVE them!  
It was really easy.  I literally just laid some fabric and a couple layers of batting out on the table and put the ironing board upside down on it, cut aprox 4" around it.  Zig Zag some elastic all around the edge and slip it over the Ironing Board and call it good.  It has been hanging out happily ever since.  and it really only took line an hour total...including deciding what fabric I wanted to use.   
Well, after not being super productive for a while I have a few thing finished.      This is a pair of quick change trousers I made for Fynn.  I also recovered my Ironing board.  It was getting BAD.  So I think this gives me a rather pathetic 8/52...I better check on that. 
Hey, so I know I have been quiet lately.  We all got the nasty stomache bug at the end of January and it lasted fore.eve.er...  But I did get some stuff done in the last week. I made each of the boys a Cape with their initial on it for Valentine's Day.  And My youngest's birthday is also V-day so I made him a quilt.  The characters are all paper pieced and the the whole thing is just cobbled together.  I think it came out pretty nice.  And all of the materials came...
I got my quilt all basted last night.  That was a fun crawl on the floor!  I decided that I am going to hand quilt it...scary, but I think it will be just some straight line quilting.  It is a solid double sized quilt.  I also started a new quilt the other night.  It is a "Scrappy Trip Around the World!"  I have enough scraps, that's for sure! I'm not taking any points for these yet...
So I am taking a point for finished a quilt top this weekend, this brings me up to 4.  I am breaking the quilt into chunks points-wise because it is so big.   I decided I am going to hand quilt it, this could get interesting.  But I'm going to do it with fairly chunky thread and I think it might be fun.  I am almost done with the sweater I am knitting for my niece for her birthday.  I need to get my son to try it on for size because they should be about the same...
That is why I got a wheel that folds up.  I can literally fold the foot peddles up snug to the wheel and put it in a closet or corner.  I like it because I can travel with it easier and it takes up way less space.  That and I bought it from a guy in VT who makes them so it is relatively local. 
Hey Folks, I didn't get a whole lot done this week, I worked on knitting my Niece's sweater and cleaned up my room a bit.  But I did finish 2 place mats tonight!  My quilting guild is collecting them at tomorrow's meeting for Meals on Wheels of Boothbay.  Anyway, I used up both stash fabric and some stash binding that was left over from quilts.  I'm taking 1 point for the both because they were really easy, I used some prequilted material I had hanging out.  All I had...
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