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That dress is so cute!  And I love the umbrella! 
Tonight after dinner Fynn (my oldest at 4) and I made him a rice bag.  He was stealing mine again so I asked if he wanted to make one.  He said a green one please. So off we went to the sewing room.  These really are nice quick projects for little helpers.  He picked his own fabric, helped me cut by holding the ruler, sat on my lap at the sewing machine and did the back stitching and cutting. And he filled his own bag with rice, his favorite part.  It was a nice 15...
  The first finished project of 2013.  I twinged my back and could not find my rice bags.  So I made myself a new one.  Nice and big and very cozy when sitting and knitting.    1/52  
I am in!  I have big plans this year and I'm bound and determined to keep much better track.  Like taking pictures of everything I finish so I can actually show people and not just tell them what I make.  I have even cast on the first knitting project for this year.  I am 6 rows into a "In Three's" for my niece for her birthday in may.  I actually hope to have it finished this month.  And I started the quilt we are giving DH's Aunt for her wedding present.  Another...
Hey Ladies, Thomas Peter was born sleeping on Wednesday and we are all working on healing.  I am going to finish free motion quilting his quilt this weekend.  Love to you all!   
Hey Folks, Just to keep everyone in the loop, I am going into the hospital to be induced.  The baby has no heartbeat.  So crafting has stalled  a bit.  Although I do have a quilt in the works for this baby that will be given to the hospital to be given to another baby or child who could use it.  I'll be back on track soon..I hope.   
Hi everyone, I know it seems like I fell off the face of the earth, but really I haven't.  I have finished a few more projects but most have been in a huge 1st tri fog with this little baby to be.  I hope everyone else I getting lots done and I will update all a bit later. Cheers!
From one October Mama hopeful to another, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Welcome to the club!
Well, with this bit of morning sickness kind of kicking my butt, I have not really finished anything else.  So I am still at 7/52 projects completed.  But  I started taking some B6 the other day and took 1/2 a unisom tonight so we will see if that makes me feel any better....it certainly made me hungry.    I love the beach tote a few posts up.  The fabric is just perfect!  I really want some.   
Hi, could I please be added with Early October as well.  Thanks!  
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