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Oh No!  I am so sorry!  If you need to talk, I have been there.
This doesn't sound right to me.   When I worked for Viking, when we took machines in for repair the repair people would always oil and clean while they had the machine apart...I mean seriously, he had the thing apart and could see that the machine needed oil but didn't do anything about it...seems fishy to me.   
       Watch as I bow down to your craftiness!!!!!  Seriously, we moves last fall and there wasn't any crafting a month before or like 2 weeks after.        In updating news, I have finally made my Mother her Multi-Tasker Tote that she wanted for Christmas last year.  So I am now at 7/52 projects completed for the year!  And in not so crafty, but cool projecty news...I am working on cooking another baby!  This project should be put in the completed column late September...
Well, last night I had a little sewing party in my craft room and I got quite a bit done.  I finished 2 more vinyl toy bags for the boys.  And I made a scrunchy scarf out of jersey and some elastic thread.  I wore it tonight at a modern sewing meeting tonight and it was a big hit.   I think my current total is 6/52 finished!
Hey all, So just to recap: I have finished 2 fabric/vinyl bags for my DS's toys and I have 3 more cut out all ready to go.  And I finished putting the binding on the Turning Twenty quilt I made for some friends in VT and I even got it in the mail to them, I think that last part might be the real miracle.   So I currently can claim 3/52 finished.  Right now I am working on making some Paper Pieced Hexagons while I peruse the interwebs.  And I think I will probably...
That is so sweet!
Well, I finished 2 more project this week.  I made 2 of the Vinyl bags in this http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2011/12/clear-toy-storage-bags-with-drawstring-closure.html Tutorial.  I want to make a bunch more and have cut out 3 more to put together.  I think they will be great for the all the kids toys.  Especially all of the wooden Melissa and Doug food they got for Christmas this past year.  So I am up to 3 points now.   
Hey all, I totally up for this!   I am currently at 51/52 left to do.  I finished up the binding on a quilt for a friend and sent it on it's way just this morning.  One of my resolutions this year is to finish up all of my UFOs.  This will be good for me.  Shawna
I figure you can either turn her around or get some vinyl seat covers.
Hey Neighbor!  We live in Whitefield.  I have  2 boys, 2.5 and 3 months. 
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