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Ds has two middle names. We just decided that instead of picking a family name for both the first and middle name we would give him an original first name and each pick a family name for middle names. So he is named Fynnaghan Carter Toby T____. It works. Soon to be sproglet will be named in a similar fashion. As for forms, either the whole name fits or we use CT for initials. Cause we are weird like that.
I am joining the nauseous club....I don't remember it being this icky with Fynn, maybe I blocked it out. I did puke last night....and that is a pregnancy first. I am right now munching on some NutCrisp crackers hoping the protein will make me feel a bit better. We will see. I do love going to visit dh at work. He works at a hospital and they have crushed ice dispensers....I wanna marry one. Ds has seen a TON of netflix movies this week....I really hope this only...
I'm so sorry for your loss...If you want to talk, pm me, I've had 3 m/c before and have been there.
Hey, so I'm having my queezies right around dinner time but it majorly depends on smells for me. I can be all ready to chow down but if something smells weird to me or someone opens a jar of peanut butter then forget it, I'm done for the night...
I'm a knitter! I don't know what I'll knit this time. I didn't knit much for Fynn because he was a summer baby but a baby born in March will need all sorts of warmer stuff.....
And this will be MC #3......Now I just have to wait, because I sure as heck don't want another d&c.
Sure, why not! I'm in.
Ds is Fynnaghan For the next we are thinking Eammon, Ianto, Jayne... And for a girl Rowain, and for some reason Elinore
I hear ya! But as a reassurance, I gagged plenty yesterday. And just had a total crying breakdown this morning. So I'm feel better about feeling worse, hehe.
Congratulations! I went to the Midwife yesterday for my first appointment. And she had my first US report. And apparently what they didin't tell my while I was getting the US is that there is a good chance of Multiples.....So I totally get your scareds.......I have another us next wednesday to confirm and check dates and stuff like that. And I'm looking at the size of our car....
New Posts  All Forums: