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Congrats to all of the new mamas :)  I am cracking up over the "sassy ovaries" comment.  Hilarious.    AND I am happy to say that I finally figured out what KD means :)  
Nausea can suck it.  I am so tired of feeling this way.  I threw up repeatedly from Sunday morning until yesterday at about 4 PM.  I cancelled two zumba classes yesterday because I could not even get myself off of the couch.  I am still unable to really eat anything so am subsisting on tea and some crackers.  Sour gummi worms have also been my friend. I normally have nothing to do with candy and would never pick candy over dark chocolate but right now a bag of those...
I am so sorry, mama.  I am thinking about you and your family as you go through this.  :hug  
Big hugs, mama. It truly is such an anxious fragile time. It can be hard to not fret. Please report back tomorrow about your appointment. Today is my birthday. It's the third bday out of the last five that I've been pregnant it's spring break so we have a leisurely fun day planned. I am actually still in bed because DD is fast asleep and if I leave the bed she will wake up . Snuggling with my little blonde wonder is a super way to start my day!
That's exactly what mine looked like SO if you are not regnant, I am not either.
I agree with Andi-mama. I have RL pain and it's sharp. Sneezing and moving too quickly are def my biggest triggers.
I can't see the picture. I agree that super dark during the time frame sounds great!
I hope yu have not been fretting about this all day. Gender/sex "stuff" is a big part of the work I do as I became fascinated by it way back in grad school. Enough so that it was a big part of the research I did. So, all of that to say, that I am not offended when people use "gender" when they mean "sex" although I do tend to note it as a course of habit. It's one of those things where folks long before you got sloppy and have diluted the very real differences between...
I am so sorry, sleepymama.  I'll be thinking of you and sending you love. 
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