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Oh I am so very, very sorry. So sorry. Much love to you. 
Tough situation I interviewed for my current job when I was five months pregnant with DD. when I did the second round with my potential supervisor, i talked to her about being pregnant and what that meant for the job. I really wrestled over the disclosure because legally you don't have to but, personally, I would have felt guilt about springing it on them. I know lots of women who feel differently and I totally get their perspective and respect it. But for me, I could not...
Hmmm...I am trying to multi quote on my iPad. Not going well. Katie, I love that you were surprised to be called. Cracks me up. Jjh, yay for getting lots of excitement and support from your patents Write on, giggling over your dementia comment. My Oma has advanced dementia, too, and I am a bit sad that she will not ever really know tat I am pregnant. Meks, have fun telling the kids! Do you think they can keep it a secret? My kids use me as a trampoline, too, and I...
The only thing I can stomach right now is a prenatal. As soon as possible I will add back in A blood builder and B complex. I can't do flaxseed oil while pregnant so I need to figure that out--although I love avocado so I might just eat one of those a day once I can stop throwing up so much. I did do EPO during the last trimester with the first two and will do that again probably.
I do not want to find out. DH does. In the end I know that I can "win" this one. But. A friend of ours did just let her husband know. He was the only one and he never told her. He switched up pronouns even. It proved really great fr him to have had that singular bonding experience. So I am thinking about that.
Welcome! I love where I live but always say that I would be super happy in Seattle!
I am so very sorry. Much love to you.
Yay for a heartbeat! Bleeding is disconcerting no matter what so of course you are a little bit worried still. Big hugs.
I find her stuff so soothing. I need to watch TBOBB. I have heard such great things about it.
I really do love when the baby starts making their presence known. I tend to feel between 17 and 20 weeks. I have a very tilted uterus and was told that this makes it harder for me to feel. Like the baby has to really kick for me to feel anything; that starts around week 17 for me.
New Posts  All Forums: