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I did not get the invite.
I hear exactly what you are saying. Truly. It can be a time of intense worry. Anxiety really kicks in for me when I am pregnant. Those hormones are so powerful! I love your guidelines and I hope they help you with find some peace.
So positive, IrishMomma! Love it. Welcome new mamas!
Huh. This sounds good.
Eat a teaspoon of coconut oil and you will ease your constipation issues :)  
Cracking up.
Are you having heart palpitations? Lots of women have those during PMS, periods, and in the early stages of pregnancy. I get them during pms. They can be so disconcerting. I don't get sweaty, though. Maybe call your MW/ob?
Ha! Definitely this!But once you make the switch you are set. If you don't have a store near you that sells chemical-free stuff, there are some great online options.
  I completely understand.  Truly.  I don't take any meds at all and am reluctant to do otc even but with my last pregnancy I broke down and took the nausea meds.  And given that I have been so miserable this time if I had an appt with my m/w soon I'd ask her about it in a heartbeat.  At some point you have to live your life.  And it sounds like your nausea is so bad that it affects your ability to do that.    I started crying on Saturday because it's just ever...
New Posts  All Forums: