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So great!!!!  
Oh that sucks!!!  You have every right to be angry/furious/crazy pregnant lady ;)   I'd talk to them directly about it at least once since it is non-smoking.  And then I'd let the landlord know.    Sucks that you have to deal with this at all.  
I totally see what you do on the left hand side!  I am always so disappointed when I have an u/s tech who is not very interactive.  boooo!  I still think you are growing twinsies :)  
Irishmomma, I am so very sorry. And I totally agree with the subsequent comments about honoring the mamas who experience loss.
Oh, mama hard on your heart for sure. At some point hpts stop picking up the hcg levels although I confess to not knowing when. I admit that I would call, too.
I hope your provider treats you with gentle care and compassion.
I did not want to say that in the belly pic thread but I def suspect twins
hate=ate classic psychological slip!  
DD flat out asked me last night and I smoothed over the question.  A classic spin doctor parenting moment.  She's going to be so excited when she does know.  She's only 4 and DS is almost 3 so I agree that telling t hem is essentially telling the whole world--well the folks in our world anyway.    I will probably wait until 12 weeks.  And then video us telling them and send that as the official notification :)  
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