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I have a curly  hair, too, and have not found anecdotes about curlies using no poo.  Maybe there are some on this board?   As an aside, I hope pregnancy does for your hair what it does for mine which is make it less frizzy and looser :)  
I totally felt something yesterday.  I dismissed it until I came back to this thread and read all of your early experiences.  So cool!  I'm ten weeks today so very early for me :)  
I am so sorry, mama my heart hurts for you.
We just spent three nights in a hotel on vacation and DH and I took turns sleeping with DD or DS. Sleeping with DS is like sleeping with a feral cat. He is all over the place! Both kids have their own beds at this point but DD is the only one that still comes into our room on occasion. She is a great sleeper so it's no big deal. But if DS did I know I'd be in the same spot as you for sure. So this isn't helpful but sympathetic What saves at home on the nights he does...
Btw, I am just as stringent about house cleaners
I bet you can drop some knowledge on us from YOUR degree, though :)
Oh my goodness, boy names are so very hard!
I have not been successful keeping down ginger tea or clove BUT I am going to check out rooibos; mainly just sipping on cold unsweetened ice tea.  I like it a lot so I really hope it works. Thanks so much for the suggestion!  It wasn't even on my radar this pregnancy.  
I totally thought it meant "kind donor"  cracking up.  And I thought:  how lovely to be so affirming about the donor and the relationship.  Hilarious.   
I am so very, very sorry.  I am thinking about you as you move forward with your "letting go" process.    when I had a miscarriage in November I did a lot of work on this.  I actually decided to start a Happiness Jar.  I felt like I was focusing too much on loss and not enough on the blessings in my life, ones like you mention :)   I'll be thinking about you. :hug  
New Posts  All Forums: