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Can anyone tell me the best way to clean used wool shorties that I just bought off of craigslist? Thanks so much!
I have a 9 month old and am looking for ideas on how to incorporate Waldorf principles into our everyday routine. I love the ideas in Heaven on Earth but think it is geared more towards older children. Can you please share with me your Waldorf inspired day to day routines/activities-we are in need of some new ideas so if you could be as specific as possible it would be a great help! Also, does your routine change at all during the winter/cold months? Thanks so much!
My dd is 8 1/2 months old and is breastfed. I have been on an elimination diet through the summer but am now only off of citrus, nuts, dairy, soy and eggs. I am a vegetarian and am losing too much weight-I am much lower than my pre-pregnancy weight and am concerned and tired. DD is doing very well-chubby, happy baby-no reactions for a few months now. I can't seem to put on/stop losing weight. I am thinking about trying dairy again(tried it 3 months ago and DD had green...
I have a soy/dairy allergic daughter and just learned that the Prevnar vax contains soy protein. It seems that this is a contraindication not to get this vaccine? Anyone out there whose LO has a soy allergy and received Prevnar? What are your experiences? Thanks so much!
Anyone know how much protection/immunity is offered by one round of DTap, Hib and Prevnar? What about after receiving the second? Is it different for each vaccine? I can't find this info online anywhere-thought I saw something on this board but can't find it again. Thanks so much!
to you and your baby. We went through a similar experience with our dd not bc of a vaccine reaction but bc she had the flu and high fever at 4 weeks old. The experience stays with you- seeing your baby so sick and going through such invasive testing is hard. So glad she is doing much better! Hang in there!
I am in the same situation as you-our ped would only give one vaccine every 6 weeks-wouldn't follow Dr Sears' schedule of every 4 weeks. That being said, she wanted to instead give a combo vax and three other vaccines every 2 months but we put a quick stop to that.
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! Your comments are a great help.
I would like to order some Waldorf based books. I am looking at Heaven on Earth, Beyond the Rainbow Bridge and Seven Times the Sun. What are the differences between these books? I have a 6 month old-do any cover info relevant to infants? Thanks!
We have a 6 month old who just received her first vaccination today-we are on a selective/delayed schedule. What we didn't expect was our doctor's response that it is harder on the immune system to give 1 or 2 vaccines at a time, wait a month and give 1 or 2 more. She said the body doesn't have time to recover from the last vaccine before giving another. She felt that many vaccines at once is less of an assault on the immune system if they are given 2 months apart(5...
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