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I had very low amh, less than 0.1, and higher FSH than you (over 21) and when I went to the RE and they were looking at my ovaries, they gave me some progesterone just in case while waiting for some other lab results, b/c apparently I had just (barely) ovulated. AF count was lousy.   The progesterone did the trick and helped that (last good?) egg stick and I had a healthy baby 9 months later, so don't give up hope. I scoured the interwebs for stories like this after...
My kids hated the sling. Even the Ergo wasn't great. The Bjorn worked ok for us in the babywearing department. AP says wear your baby, but heck, if she doesn't like it, don't do it. AP is really about listening to your child and being responsive to their needs, not about following dogma.   Also--YOUR BABY LOVES YOU. However, 2 months is a notoriously fussy/colicky time. Don't take it personally. The best thing anyone ever said to me was "Sometimes babies just cry."...
Thanks! Yes, we have done some things like that. She is a good helper for sure and I appreciate the extra suggestions.   I was just feeling like maybe I could be doing more because we have friends with kids the same age and the older sister is super-into the little one...was starting to feel like I was doing something wrong! But that child has always been more into dollies/babies so maybe that's it.  Glad to hear some more experienced perspectives.  :)
So, I have a 4-year old and a young toddler. The 4 year old (girl) has adjusted well to baby over the past year but is still not really "into" him. They are starting to interact more in general and I am wondering how to foster a positive relationship between the two of them.   I don't want to just limit negatives ("don't mess with your sister's toys" "don't push your brother"), but figure out how to help them enjoy each other. How can I help my daughter with this?...
Maybe somebody said this...choose a walkable neighborhood with a playground, grocery store, coffeeshop, library, etc. It will make life so much easier!  We always took babies out even at a few days/weeks old. As pps said, just have  good lie-flat stroller with sunshade. 
Hang in there, it is hard enough to be a new parent without adjusting to a new country where you don't have a network at the same time. I agree, look for other expats if you can, and maybe take a couple of weeks to go home and visit family if you can and recharge a little. Also, it sounds like your husband is very busy but make sure he understands that you need some time to yourself too (cheaper than therapy!) Have you seen...
Look online, it is somewhat gendered but sounds like the store you visited was particularly skewed. We have a girl veterinarian, gymnast, cowgirl, farm girl, snorkeling girl plus some mermaids/fairies. Also, you can change their hair around so that you can change girls to boys and vice versa. We LOVE Playmobil and have several sets. It is so versatile and thoughtfully designed, and some really nice stuff even at the lower price points. 
Cecily or Cecilia! (Love them but they were vetoed by my husband who is just like yours, will veto but not suggest.   :)  )
For an older baby, a simple shape sorter or imbucare (?) box...kept my DD busy for ages.
I had that problem but it went away when I took extra iron. Have your ped. check her iron levels (don't just supplement without checking levels because too much iron can be really bad for kids.) Might be some kind of anemia or other vitamin deficiency...in any case, not normal.  
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