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Have you tried potty books/videos with him? Elmo's potty or any others?
My DD has curly hair too. Much better to comb it with a wide-tooth comb after bath rather than brush it. In the mornings I put a detangler in it and then sing the alphabet song while I comb it--that way, she knows it will be over soon. Clothes--getting dressed goes much better if I read her a story or let her watch an elmo clip on youtube while it happens.
Quote: And if I did get a break for a coffee, the entire time I would be thinking about what I should be doing.... Oh, YES. That is totally me. I like what somebody said about taking the things that you used to do/enjoy with you to your new life, and finding time to do little things for yourself...but yes, it's so hard to find the time. I still read a lot, but otherwise I do feel overwhelmed, often. And I do find things to do/enjoy here in my new...
Oh, I get enraged when anyone wakes baby too! Sounds like an extreme living situation in your case though...not quite the barking dog or occasional weed whacker that's in my neighborhood. For the traffic, maybe something like this? http://www.amazon.com/Step-2-7127KR-...d_sim_sbs_hi_7 I think you can also get a sign that reminds people they will be towed. If your neighbors agree, maybe petition your town for speed bumps or traffic islands? For baby, maybe a...
Maybe someone else already mentioned this, but could she have had a concussion? Sensitivity to light is a symptom.
I would definitely take her to the doc so they can rule out anything serious.
Haven't had #2 yet, but bear in mind that maybe the adjustment to being a new parent might make the bonding process less easy? It's all so new and there's so much to figure out, it can be stressful. Whereas with subsequent kids, you've BTDT, so you might feel the bond more quickly?
Big metropolitan hospital, we were always in the same room together for everything.
I've also heard good things about acupuncture for trying to turn baby (didn't work for me) and more recently, some sort of exercise with a rebozo? Not sure what exactly but you might look into it. FWIW, I had a breech baby via c-section (it was sched. but I went into labor a week early) and the experience was much better than I expected, and recovery was fairly easy. Not true for everyone of course, but that was my experience. Also, ECV didn't work for me either,...
I read somewhere recently that even with bleeding the chances of a M/c are 50-50 (in other words, not as likely as you might think.) so it may very well be SCH. Hope things will be okay.
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