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Hope it is okay if I crash your thread lol. I love living vicariously through all of you that are dating. Hopefully one day I can join this thread for real and have my own interesting dating stories to tell. You ladies give me hope.
No advice but I just wanted to offer my support and a hug.
I just wanted to say if you ever want to PM me I would love to talk. I haven't been through the same exact situation but my XH is abusive and a computer genius and I have felt very vulnerable online. I know how you are feeling with the aspect of feeling like you have no control. I still can slip right back into victim/abused wife mode and I really have to fight that and be strong and do the hard thing. For me the hard thing is not engaging or feeling hurt, angry,...
I agree with what everyone else has said. I would not respond to the e-mail, make sure all passwords, pictures, personal info, etc is secure online and wait and see what happens. Probably he won't do anything more than send a few e-mails. I am so sorry you are going through this though. Please keep us all updated.
Woo hoo! You are doing awesome!!!
You are awesome Jaime. I you!
It just breaks my heart. I am so sorry you have had to go through this.
Personally I think it is fun to have like minded Mama friends because then you have more to talk about. I was at Rafiki the other day (which is kind of like bouncing off the walls in Bend) and I heard this group of 3 Mamas talking about bfing, cloth diapering, non vaxing, sling wearing etc. I so wanted to ask them if I could be their friend lol but I was too chicken. If you are having trouble finding like minded Mamas though I think an active playgroup would still...
Wow that is quite a story! It is so crazy the stuff that happens at work!
^Oh my! That would be so embarrassing. I can't believe he would do that at work though, even if it was secluded!
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