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I had a baby molar pulled around this age and the adult tooth came in perfectly, although I am one of those people with lots of space in their mouths so I don't know if a spacer is necessary. Interestingly (or not) I'm now missing the same tooth as an adult after fighting the good fight (25 years later) with root canals etc till I woke up with a painless golfball sized lump on my jaw, admitted defeat and had the tooth (painlessly...no nerve) yanked.
Quote: Originally Posted by sgmom And because my pregnant brain no longer works, please remind me what ENT and OT are? lol ENT= Ear Nose and Throat doctor aka an Otolaryngologist OT= Occupational Therapy
Helicobacter pylori?
This is the only condition that I could think of Pectus Carinatum that might match your description. I had a boy friend in my early/mid teen years with a 'pigeon chest' (a very successful competative swimmer) and it didn't cause him any problems (physically or socially, he was quite a hit with the ladies), it was just unusual from a anatomical POV. I've no idea if this is what you've noticed with your son. Just thought I'd throw it out there as a possibility.
You can't go wrong with this 'how to' from Delia Smith. She's the British modern day Julia Child who did amongst many other tv shows, one on 'basic' cooking. This LINK is how to make an omlete. You will not go wrong if you follow her instructions My husband raves how I make a perfect omlete. The best he's ever had. It's not me...it's Delia! Our favourite filling is diced tomato and feta cheese. When it comes to the rolling it out the pan. Start the roll with a spoon...
Quote: Originally Posted by Deborah My guess is that the doctor doesn't actually know much about vaccines (many don't) nor about the related illnesses \ I'd bet this is exactly the reason for her impatient and brusque manner. She needed to shut you down or risk admitting her lack of knowledge on the subject. If you like and trust her otherwise, I'd make up my own mind about what vax you want to get and simply not ask her opinion on this...
You might enjoy this book: The Trouble with Testosterone: And Other Essays On The Biology Of The Human Predicament by Robert Sapolsky. He's an enormously well respected scientist and author plus he's HUGELY entertaining to read. His PhD is in Neuroendocrinology so your query is exactly his field of study. Really, really interesting stuff.
Marry-el Emma-leen
Quote: Originally Posted by nolansmummy I was going to offer the same suggestions- i know it would suck getting all the kids up that early, but once or twice a week might be worth it for your sanity! We were a one car family for three years, and just got a second car. I felt like a taxi driver- always driving someone somewhere, but having access to the car was worth it for me. I have a tendency to just stay home (i'm an introvert) and the more i stay...
Quote: Originally Posted by becoming I think it's fine that you said what you did. As others have said, you have nothing to feel remotely guilty about. The only thing I would be worried about at this point is him reading your e-mail & deciding to lash out at you before he's imprisoned. Why the heck would they be waiting until July to put him in jail to serve a sentence he's already been convicted of? I've never heard of that. I know someone...
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