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I believe Benadryl (diphenhydramine) helps with the itchies. While I'm totally on board with a natural care package, personally I wouldn't rule it out to allow a good nights sleep as it reduces itching and has a minor sedative effect. For very itchy nights (or days) it might be worth having some sugar and dye free syrup on hand.
Don't shave your head. An old friend of mine went from waist length hair to Sinead O' Connor in an afternoon and it resulted in the end of her marriage. Granted she'd been having some emotional issues but swore that the head shave was just something she wanted to do...her husband interpreted it in the 'crazy woman shaves her head'... she interpreted his reaction as 'he only wanted me for my looks', and the whole thing spiralled down from there. Other than that. You go...
We take our shoes off and put on slippers in the colder months, bare feet or socks in the warmer months. Since we live in ME, we do bare feet or socks for a week and a half in mid August.
If he's now an indoor only cat the chances of him ever getting a tick again are practically zero. As far as getting rid of the tick on his neck... Be brave, grasp it firmly (be very brave) as close to the skin as possible (not it's disgusting little fat body, right up where it's head enters the skin) and pull HARD. Then wrap it in toilet paper and flush that sucker Treat any others that might be attached but still small the same as they swell up. Check all his little...
I think she sounds like she's developing normally. Give it 6 months, then over a period of a week or two she'll have this crazy language explosion and never shut up again
Another thought. Was a breath test for H. Pylori done?
Do you know why the Dr chose an H2 antagonist over a proton pump inhibitor? It seems a little 'old fashioned' from a pharmaceutical POV.
Retaining an urgent runny poop is a challenge for the best of us with a pelvic floor in optimal shape! At 6 days PP? I challenge anyone to not have a bit of an accident if they had to wait for the bathroom. Edited to add and I'm sorry I didn't say it first, but the poop distracted me: Congratulations on the birth of little Anna Beatrice
It's not remotely weird The cycle of grieving (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance and the ones never mentioned in the cycle,sadness and guilt) happen in any order and repeat themselves for as long as, well, for as long as you experience it. I can literally go for years without sadness about family deaths and then. WHACK! There it is again. The reason it hurts over again is because your Mommy died. You don't need to make sense of it. It's supposed...
Quote: Originally Posted by choli You chose your career to be doing something you enjoy. That enjoyment is part of your payoff for doing that job. If that were not the case, there would be very few engineers, accountants...The jobs that are well paid but not particularly enjoyable. We all make trade offs. I think enjoyable is in the eye of the beholder. As the daughter of a professor of Mechanical Engineering and consultant, I know my Dad...
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