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Quote: Originally Posted by littlebabydoll I'm skeptical of the whole food allergy band wagon. I am just wondering what in our environment could make so many of our children so sick and unable to tolerate food? I remember being a kid and could eat anything and felt great! It wasn't till I was 21 that I got IBS and I do think it was partly stress/psychological. Is it that we can't all just accept that toddlerhood is extremely difficult. Why do we need a...
Related only to the leaves and not the volatile neighbour, you need to make some lovely leaf mold to mulch your flower beds. Start this Autumn, I've gotten great batches in a year storing the (wet) leaves in black trash bags somewhere discrete in the garden. One year seagulls pecked holes in the bags and all the acorns I managed to include in the leaf piles sprouted out and I ended up with 50 baby oak trees but that's not the point!
Quote: Originally Posted by claddaghmom ITA regardless of even the situation. I don't want to fly late in my pregnancy, and the reunion is at a lodge...aka I can do exciting things like white water rafting, horseback riding and mountain climbing. With my almost-2yo in tow I'm sure. But then, I used the same reason (pregnancy/flying) when I was pregnant with DD. It was for DH's uncle's wedding and a 16hr drive (straight through, no stopping). No one...
Quote: Originally Posted by Limabean1975 Bea, do you eat a variety of foods now? I'll eat anything so long as it isn't seafood or celery
My advice would be to give up! I was the world's pickiest child. No joke! I ate a banana for dinner every night for over a decade and here I am fit, healthy 5' 7", 120lbs and 38 years old. Chill out Ma, she'll be fine!
Pilonidal cysts are virtually unheard of pre-puberty. It sounds more like a sacral dimple to me. Try googleing 'sacral dimple', especially the web images, to see if that looks like it. They are not uncommon and while they can be a symptom of underlying spinal cord issues, I think you might have noticed something amiss by now if that was the case.
Wipe it? Even tiny amounts of poop itch and irritate the skin. When my son does this I wipe him with a wet wipe and always find the faintest hint of brown on the wipe.
My initial reaction is yes they should be there if they want to be until I actually thought about the euthanisation of pets I've witnessed. My childhood cat was put to sleep at my parents house aged 15+ (an adopted stray we'd had for 14 years, I was 21) and I went home to say goodbye. She had congestive heart failure. She fought and spat (although she had the breath for neither) while the very experience vet tried to find a vein but she was so shut down peripherally that...
Thick sliced courgette (zucchini), cherry tomatoes, tons of chopped garlic, S&P all tossed in olive oil and roasted in a hot oven. A splash of balsamic vinegar doesn't hurt either.
While giving in to tantrums may create a child who throws a wobbly for their own benefit, acquiescing to a child's desires, when it's neither here not there as far as you're concerned, doesn't make for a spoiled child. The only thing I'd suggest is making sure your parents enforce an 'asking in a nice voice' type rule to prevent a whining=get my way mind set arising. And as far as your husband is concerned, he needs to realise and prolly not from you, that tantrums,...
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