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Babywearing International of Peoria has TONS of great stuff going on next week, Oct 8-14 for International Babywearing Week http://www.facebook.com/bwiofpeoria?sk=events   park playdate a make and take sewing event breakfast with Caren of O&A!!! a fall walk along the most beatiful drive in the world   Please consider celebrating with us! And check out our blog for more about the goings on http://bwiofpeoria.org/blog/   We'll even have some giveaways!
http://www.facebook.com/events/231508840267193/   Babywearing International of Peoria is having Open Help hours April 2, from 5-7 pm, at the Peoria Public Library, North Branch, in the McKenzie Room.    This, like all BWI events, is FREE.  Come chat with our Volunteer Babywearing Educators and get one-on-one help. Browse our lending library, and consider becoming a member so you can check out the carriers too! You can drop in any time during the event and stay...
http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/193673524053897/ February meeting topic is nursing in carriers. 2/6 5-7 pm     
I know there's a babywearing group there, Central IL Babywearers. I bet those mamas could help you! They have a Facebook group.
The townhomes are Versailles something...  
Here's the Facebook link to the event page http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/304654286222731/ The meeting is 1/9 5-7 pm. All Babywearing International of Peoria meetings are free and open to anyone. This month's meeting topic is different fabrics for winter babywearing. Maybe we'll actually get some cold weather, so we can put the info to good use! We'll be spotlighting a carrier from our lending library, the Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch wrap. Come out and joing us! We'll...
I'm in the 61614 zip code, but my kids aren't school age yet. I did pick this house with school districts in mind. I know there are some nice apartment/townhomes near the Rock Island Trail out this way. Maybe call a realtor? You'd be looking at places in district for Kellar grade school. The middle school is Lindbergh. I like this area a lot.
Amazing hypnobabies birth! Congrats, mama. You know I've been stalking. :)
We see Dr Halperin at Methodist at Allen Rd in Peoria. We delay vaxes, but I know people who go there and don't vax. He's very open to whatever. He's also super pro-breastfeeding and isn't a secret foreskin retractor (though some of the NPs there are). I've also heard good things about Dr MacLaughlin (sp?) and Dr Conklin (family practice) as far as being open to alternative vaxing.
I was going to suggest some eliminations, too. With DS, I ended up eliminating dairy, peanuts and citrus. I stayed off dairy, though he was able to have it starting when he was 2ish. With DD, I went light on peanuts and citrus through the pregnancy and have stayed light on them. Actually, I had citrus once and it didn't work out well for her, so I cut it. We have really avoided the serious crying that DS had. She will have small fussy periods, sometimes will be upset...
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