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Good to hear things are going better at your house Shanna. REST and Rest and REST some more      Ahh! Kitteh. Sorry to hear you're in with the crud too. More sorry to hear about your vaccine adventure... I could say alot more about that nurse but we'd have to start a new thread!
Fevers are scary things. But normal things too. I'd be more worried with a babe who ACTS sick and has a fever vrs a babe who acts pretty normal with a fever. My midwife told me as long as you have a responsive, nursing, pooping babe he should be able to fight off whatever the fever is fighting no problem.   Big hugs Shanna-cat. No fun when you get sick but when your babies are sick........you just feel so helpless and trust me I KNOW the feeling.
Jude is NOT a string bean She's adorable!!!   (I know that's a broccoli but it's close)   Echo THAT BABE IS MOVING!! Wow!  The most I'm seeing is the slug-scoot here so far.  Could it be because we never put her down? (everyone loves holding her) She doesn't get much practice for moving.
probably the one where she's trying to eat the poor nugget.
   I know. 
Wow babysmurf. What an adventure that must have been. So glad everyone's recovered and doing well. Scary though!!   Congrats on the teeth Aubrey!  Trilly got her two in just last week also!
YAY! Sending lots of good healthy mama, baby  and BABY!!! Waves your way!! Oh yes and healthy daddy waves too.   Congratulations to your beautiful growing family!
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