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Try mysewingcircle.com It is just starting out. Similar to Ravelry
I am katrinamc on Ravelry. Always look forward to friends.
I went thru my boxes of materials and made 3 cloth diapers and insert for a friend who took in a baby and is caring for him. I am going thru it today to make some cloth diapers for another friends baby shower. I figured I should use it up since I spent $ on it and have no extra $ for gifts
I did some shopping ahead for my daughter at Old Navy and Gap Kids. I only went for the sales rack and I had a gift card. Other than that I have storage totes full of clothes for the next 2 years that were all free hand me downs from the parents at my sisters day care. All great clothes, brand names and free. I struck gold
I haven't posted in a while but had already reached my goal so I'm not really counting anymore. Today a friend stoped by and I gave her a huge garbage bag and a diaper box full of clothes that my daughter has outgrown. She was happy because her daughter was in need of the next size clothing so it was perfect.
171-182- more baby clothes. she has way too manyin her dresses. I haven't even gone throught the storage bins yet. Little by little, I will be free from clutter.
163- Broken scale 164-hat and bootie set 165-169 Baby shoes 170-baby outfit More to come because I need to go through her next stage of clothes and see what we will keep and what will go. Plus DDs 1st Birthday is tomorrow so I need to make room for stuff coming in by sending lots of stuff out
128-145- receiving blanket I am sending to SILs house 146-147- couple baby toys 148-161- misc. baby stuff 162- another toy back to my sister This decluttering makes me feel good but makes me realize that there is so much more to do. I am not going to stress over it though. I will do a little at a time and keep my eye out for unneeded junk to purge. One day I will feel comfortable with the way my house is. I am challenging myself to go through my craft items and use...
127- pair of socks with holes in the heels Not going to count it but made my DH take 3 huge bags of bottles to the recycling place for a refund and today the trucks picked up Christmas recycling cardboard etc. Glad it is out of the way. Going to also have DH go thru several CD binders to get rid of old mixed CDs etc. They are just sitting and he always uses his MP3 player in the car now. There must be close to 150 CDs It feels good to make progress, sad to think that...
32-64 Old VHS' 45-125- Old cassette tapes 126- old catelogue
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