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31- broken bathroom scale
1-2- Garbage bag full of faux tree branches for railings 3-12- Bag full of Christmas decor 13- Wieless router 14- Some boxes that were cluttering our storage closet 15-16 2 old bottles of herbal remedies 17-30 toys back to my sisters as they were on loan.
Yes, let's do it
Not done yet #96- Frisbee #97-101- Toy DD doesn't play with anymore Okay I hit my goal but I am no where near finished. Let's keep this going or start a new thread for after the Hollidays.
I really need to do some stuff because Christmas is only a week away. #75-Baby Soothing Motion Glider #76-Baby Calming Vibrations Rocker #77-83- Clown figurines (because I am sitting at my computer looking around at what I can part with and they are sitting in a display cabinet and I never even look at them anymore) Not into clowns anymore #84-92- Shot glasses in same display cabinet. Who has time to drink #93-93- 2 board games #94-baby mobile #95-Ash tray (we don't...
Way to go jrabbit, you are almost there. I am falling behind. Will get some done when hubby takes DD out tomorrow
I am hoping to get some more done this weekend. Going to finish decorating for Christmas and any decorations that don't go out are going away. BYe Bye Clutter. Gotta go back in the storage room and be realistic with what really needs to be there.
I had kept every card we got from our wedding but just threw them out because I never look at them so I don't see the point.
Good luck, it is so hard sometimes to let go of things but you have a goal in mind so that is really helpful. I am trying to declutter my house just simple to make it look better and not trip over STUFF. I am tackling it little by little and sometime I will walk into an area I have been working on and realize I can get rid of some things I already looked at and kept.
73-74- shoes I can't see me ever wearing.
New Posts  All Forums: