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I figured since it is December now that we need a new home cooking thread. Today I am making Roast Beef with potatoes and carrots in the Crock Pot for supper and eating left over home cooked lasagna for lunch.
I bought a second hand serger sewing machine. I have no regrets because I am clearing a lot of other things out and I have wanted a serger for a long time. I also bought a double jogging stroller 2 months ago and haven't used it yet but it is for when I start taking care of my friends little one. Oh and baby gates but the were very needed
I told my husband last night about the garbage bag of his shirts that I hid 3 months ago that he never noticed. All he said was that he didn't want me to throw them away because they could make good rags. I think I will make myself a few pairs of PJ bottoms today and some unpaper towel.
8. Digital cable box and remote
Yesterday I had 4 boxes of old baby clothes in a Recycled for Kids sale and all sold except one box so that came back home but I will keep it and add to it for the next sale.
A couple months ago I put at least 30 of his t-shirts into a garbage bag and put it in our storage closet. He only noticed once that he was low on shirts when laundry was backed up and I laughed at him. He was wearing shirts that are way old with tears and frayed. He is always buying new shirts so I am not worried about it. I am going to use them to make rags and wipes, maybe a few pairs of pj pants for me too. I have started a pile of stuff for him to sort through on the...
Me too. 1. at least 100 items of baby clothes getting sold today at a childrens sale 2. leg and wrist weights 3. Childrens game 4. garbage bag full of tons of old cd's and cassette tapes 5. Duffle bag 6. Old sleeping bag 7. tons of old papers from school So far so good
I want my house to look more clear. I don't like to see surfaces that have a lot of stuff on them. Every surface of our house have way too many things on them. I envy peoples houses that everything has a place so they always seem tidy. I am starting to really crack down on clearing stuff out. I went through the storage closet today and finally unpacked the on box from our move ( 6 years ago that never got unpacked. As I had suspected just about everything in it is getting...
I heard that if you leave bowls of vinegar out, replacing them daily you can rid of the smell in a few days
I have the Kam snap press. I put the pieces on the press and make sure the bottom is lined up just right and shove it down as hard as I can to make sure it takes. When I have broken one, I used a dremel to get it off. Just find an appropriate bit that will allow you to dremel out the center till it lets go and then replace snap with new one. Hope that helps
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