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Quote: My family and I are constantly working on this. So what have you done so far? Which authorities have you contacted? What have they said to you? Have you contacted the media? I don't see a lot of proactivity in your post. Repeatedly calling his number and avoiding FB isn't 'constantly working on it'. Why aren't you bashing down doors for this sweet boy of yours?
It's time consuming but I take photos of the kiddy artwork, then keep only the best of the best. It breaks my heart to throw out anything but it was out of control. I started only recently, kids are 6 and 8, and took about 700 photos! The clothes are very hard for me too. I have realised though that I have photos of my kids wearing their clothes, and that made me feel ok. The other thing I do is pass on clothes straight away now and to people I know and see. I can't...
Again, they are not mistreating him. You have a very loose definition of mistreat. If you believe they are 'mistreating' him, then why oh why even bother having a relationship. How many millions of other families must be suffering the same 'mistreatment'? Did you see where I said my parents and ILs barely see my kids, but I don't run around saying they are mistreated as a result.
"I'm so glad for this breakthrough. And, for what it's worth, I don't want to make them do this by my will. I do not think I can make them do anything. (That's a given). I want them to choose good etiquette. I want them to make good choices and have good expectations of themselves. They have their own free will. But they can not mistreat my child and be inequitable in a constant and chronic way. They don't get to treat him as less, repeatedly. If and when they do...
* Why do you think I am wrong? How can grandparents justify treating one child unfairly? Because that's the way it currently is. It doesn't matter if you are right and they are being unfair. It is what it is. How can YOU possibly change them? * If they want to see him, as they have said they do, then why are they under no obligation to be fair? Seeing him even a bit seems to be enough for them. It might not be enough for you but you can't force them. You simply...
Quote: Originally Posted by That Is Nice I don't feel I am entitled to anything from my inlaws. I do feel they have an obligation to be fair to their minor grandchild. No, you are wrong. You might wish them to be fair, but it isn't happening and under no circumstances should it be an obligation. Why are you refusing to see this?
If 7 babies died from a pertussis vaccine everyone would be outraged, why are people so blase about 7 babies dying of this disease? It hurts my heart to read statements here that 'only 5 babies died'.
I am wondering how much time your DD is with you at home. She's at school full-time and then at the park for a lengthy time. It seems there is a lot of issues happening for the 2 of you in a really short period of time. Could it be that she needs more down time, despite her seeming to love being with people. Does she need more time at home to decompress so that things aren't rushed?
The constant and significant illness of yourself and children is very worrying I agree. You seem open to alternatives though and I wonder if you would look at something a little more 'out there' like rebirthing for any or all of you? It seems crazy but may be a way to start again in effect?
A&A-I infer general 'we' and our general kids from that. So me worrying about my kids, you worrying about your kids, person C worrying about their kids etc. Thanks for the links.
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