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You should beable to go the the US postal website and find out how much shipping will be. Another option would be the flat rate shipping boxes. They have a small box that's less then $5. It would be safe, you can print your lable from home and send it with the beads. The boxes are free so if rebirth wouldnt mind getting them we could just send the mailing lable which would have all the info on it. Just a thought.
Definatly want in. This is way better then any bead swap I've seen.
There is another fb thread on here that has the link. I can't post it from my phone.
What if I posted a new thread that let everyone know the group would be closed for say 3 more days and then it would be made a secret group then whoever wants to join can friend one of the people in the group to be accepted? That way everyone has a chance for an "open enrollment" before it is a secret group. I'm just trying to not cause problems. People couldn't find it when I had it as a secret group is why I changed it.
I am not patient with very many things and waiting for kicks is one of them. It goes from waiting for the heart beat, to waiting for kicks to waiting for labor. Pregnancy is so trying on my patients! Some how I have managed to not tell anyone we are pregnant yet but I think its because of my last mc. I was so hard, even harder then my first one. Everyone kept asking how I was so I guess them not knowing makes it easier.
I'm 16 wks tomorrow and have only felt once or twice. This is my 5th so you would think I could feel it sooner. I think the busier you are the longer it takes.
I did start a fb page for our ddc. If you want to join yay if not that's fine. I just found it a different type of ddc on fb. Kind of like people who are on here and on other clubs. I just found it fun and a little less serious. I enjoy this site and have used it for my last 4 pregnancys so I will continue on. I just thought it might be fun. I hope people don't take offence or get upset I'm just a fb fan and find it easy to communicate on.
Please click it again. I had the setting to high.
I will definately still come here but most people get updates and such on there phone so its easier to use and update as well as ongoing chats. Just faster! Like I didn't get any emails saying there were new posts on here I just checked it.
I was able to remove my son so I'm the only one on here but for some reason I can't follow the link to the page it says it's not available or I might not be allowed to see it(trying to get to it from my sons account).  If I'm logged into my fb page it lets me in.  I have a message to the lady that started the last one so I will see what I have to do to accept you. 
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