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You're describing my hair -- so I can tell you firsthand : ) * Wash or rinse IN THE MORNING (sleeping on curls wrecks them) * Comb while conditioner (or ACV) is still in hair (no-pooing is GREAT for curls, btw) * Rinse (after combed out) with COLD water (this is very important!!!!) * Pat soflty with a towel, to get out excess water. DO NOT DRY with towel. Have her shake it out too. NO PRODUCT NEEDED AT ALL!!!! (Sometimes I use a touch of moose -- but I usually...
We are going camping in a few days up in Northern California -- with my best friend who only very recently recovered from a horrible bout of Lymes disease (which she got it in Northern California, btw). She is recommending highly that we all use DEET (research shows 3% of all ticks in the area we will be carry Lymes disease). Anyone know of a very good all-natural alternative for me, dh and our children to use? And any research on how effective it would be compared to a...
Quote: Originally Posted by KristyDi I've just recently gotten a Diva Cup and have found it more comfortable than tampons ever were. Ditto! I never loved tampons. Always felt like it was impossible to get them in right AND that I bled way too much for even the plus-plus whatever size. THEN after giving birth, tampons felt like cardboard hell. The smooth secure silicone of the DIva is sooooo much more comfortable!
Jojoba oil all the way! Since I started using it 3 years ago -- to wash AND to moisturize -- all break-outs have gone away (and I suffered for DECADES).
I LOVE these! I bought my set at Bed bath and Beyond, for super cheap. I only use it for upper lip -- which has thickened and darkened a bit over the years. This whips it right off -- much faster than the horrible chemical hair remover I used to use in the early 90s (before I knew what green meant : ) AND -- it exfoliates your skin! I wouldn't bother using it for legs or underarms -- too much work. But for facial touchup, it's perfect! Marni
Hi, I can't believe I am posting here...now...in the 11th hour of trying to decide whether or not to go for #3, We are NOT young. I am going to be 44 next month. We have 2 amazing, attached, loving girls ages 4.5 and 7 (this month). Having a third does NOT make sense financially. I was the bread winner, and stopped working fulltime when I had dd#1 -- and have loved being home for every little thing they go thru. Going from 1 to 2 kids -- was TOUGH. I thought I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by SugarAndSun I use Pyrex. Ditto. NEVER plastic.
No more paper coffee cups. ONLY bring my own stainless. Start a community compost at our townhouse complex.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaWolfe I saw somewhere that most off gasing takes place in the first few months. I guess the thing to do is next time you buy a mattress, take it out of all the packaging and let it air out in the garage for a few months. Then, a wool cover. I'm making my own wool mattress covers out of wool batting and some og sheets I bought at Target. I'll be saving myself a bundle! I also made some wool pillows out of some extra...
I agree. At home -- we drink only out of glass (from the age of 1 up -- prior to 1, it's just nursing anyhow : ) But for school, travel, being out-and-about -- Funtainers (stainlesssteel) is the way to go!!!! We go through about 1 per 1.5 years per child. That's only $15 every 18 months per child!!! (As long as you don't put them in the dishwasher).
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