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That's awesome! And, oh my, th *bruising* DS had after his fast birth! Your little guy is really lucky!
Congratulations! : So, what were the signs that labor was impending?
Congratulations, Ashley and family! Welcome Baby Evelyn. : I hope you have a speedy recovery from the c-section and that you have a GREAT babymoon with your little girl. You deserve it!
"Induction by diarrhea" + "brownouts"
My 3 spontaneous (aka not induced) labors all started differently so I'm not much help BUT if you chart BBT, a drop below a sort-of-reverse-cover-line signals impending labor (within 24 hours). Or so I've heard... I only got 2 temps before #2 was born at 38w6d and I hadn't even started charting when #3 came at 36w1d. Vets use this tool to predict when dogs will whelp.
: Yay! Good luck, Mama!
Sounds like the perfect wacky pregnancy dream to go out on! lol Looking forward to hearing about Soda's easy and peaceful entrance into the world! Good luck!
Wow! You win the Birth Warrior award, for sure! I hope you get a chance to rest and don't have any more challenges with this little guy for a while. FWIW, no two births are alike and #2 may shoot right out... happened to me after a long, hard first birth.
When DS1 was crabby, I used to sling him and very carefully walk on our treadmill. Movement + noise = happy baby!
#1 - had show a day or two before baby (26 hour labor). #2 - never had show until very fast labor (90 min labor). #3 - had a tiny bit of show about 6 hours before he was born (60ish min labor).
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