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Final decision is yoni! It's a word I had heard but forgotten about and I feel comfy with it, just a shame it's a bit obscure. Pajamajes - I thought the same until recently, lol, we are so uneducated about our bodies. Sdmomma, I would try not to react too much to your daughters exploration, it's just natural curiosity - I remember my Mum getting pretty stressed out and saying the same to me when I was little. I have yet to reach that stage with my DD but I hope I'll be...
Thanks for the answers and the link. I found a good article that kind of sums up how I feel about it at http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2005/mar/18/gender.uk Still undecided though
This question has caused much discussion between me and DH as I don't think there is a normal and sensible word to use for a girl. Everything seems either silly/ridiculous or else too crude or technical. We've gone through as many as we can think of from front bum to fu and mary, etc The three we ended up with were tuppence, fanny or vagina, but none of them seem right. I would go with fanny as I think it's okay to use as it's a girls name, one I use myself, but I have...
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