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Hi mamas, I live in Naperville and really want to find a primary care doc. for myself that is fairly close.  I have a great pedi but I have nobody for myself.  PLEASE let me know if there is someone close that is good!  (I know a great doc in Oak Park but that is too far :) ) Thanks!
Yep we love Dr. Olsen too!
I'm in Naperville and I love my doula!  Here is her website... http://www.artisticbirth.com/ I used her 2 years ago and am using her again in April :)
This is her website- http://www.illinoisnaturopathy.com/Organic_Produce.html
After searching high & low and going to lots of meetings with different Drs and MWs here are my favorites- Dr. Chad Olsen http://www.millenniumpediatrics.com/ He is awesome and very open to natural/alternative treatments. He is a sponser of the local Holistic Moms Network too. The midwives here are all wonderful http://wswomenshealth.com/ Good luck! Let me know if you have any specific questions about either of them (or well anyone else because I've probably...
Well I went there for an appt and will not be going back. The MW I saw was Beth and she was very medical.
I say stick with what you like (oh and I like them better too! )
I was just thinking this same thing except I was using paraffin! I now understand that that is not good but thought that soy and beeswax seemed OK? Someone help us!
LOL ladies thanks so much for this thread! I have indulged in a few things that I normally wouldn't eat either but I figured I'm not drinking any wine right now so I can have another treat instead I'm trying hard to at least make the indulgences not so horrible....like organic chocolate milk and nachos made with grass fed beef.....somehow that makes it OK, right??
Mamatoto2....I wonder if we are in the same groups? It's always funny to find out who people are online. Naturopath Mom just in case my pregnant brain forgets to check back to this thread please send me a private message if you get more details and I will most definitely post to my groups. Also if you need help let me know I am literally around the corner from that pick-up location and am happy to help.
New Posts  All Forums: