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OP, thank you so much for sharing your son's story. We are expecting our 3rd baby (currently have girls) and we are trying to decide what to do if this one is a boy. My DH and I disagree for the exact reasons you and your DH did. But reading this helped my DH to see it "my" way and now he says he won't fight for our son (if it's a son) to be circ'ed. This is a big weight lifted for me, since I was really wasn't going to back down and I don't think my DH was either. So, if...
I love GMD and was loyal to them for a long time, but now my favorite place to buy diapers is softandcozybaby.com. I've never shopped at Abby's Lane so I don't know how they are, but it seems like you know what your'e going to do. I'd like to try diaper rite prefolds too, they look pretty comparable to GMD!
yup, I have the metallic taste thing on and off. It makes me nauseaus, like I have too much spit in my mouth, and then I either gag or throw up. Yuck, no fun!!
My 4 year old is very excited and asks a lot of questions about the baby and pregnancy/birth in general. She thinks it's a boy and said she "needs a brother now, since she already has a sister." Works for me. My 2.5 year old is also happy but doesn't really get it. She knows there's a baby in my tummy but she can't understand why we have to wait so long to actually see and hold the baby. She thinks it's a girl and she has already named her. It's actually a name I like, so...
Oh mama, I'm sorry for your loss, whether there really was another baby or not.
I'm seriously considering a HB. My last 2 were typical hospital births and want the total opposite of that this time. We might go to a birth center, but I'm concerned that it might be too far from our house. I have terrible visions of UA in the car on the side of the highway! I still have a lot to look in to though, insurance and money-wise. HB is my 1st preference!
I am also bloated, and I'm only 4wks and 1 day! This is my third and I am rather slim and petite, so any bloating is pretty noticeable on me. I'm probably not going to be able to keep it a secret for as long as I'd like. I'll be getting a belly band soon to help my summer clothes fit longer and then I'll get fall/winter maternity clothes.
I'm wondering about prenatal vitamins? I'm sure some take and some don't I'm interested in knowing why you chose not to, or why you do. Are there any brands that you recommend? For my last 2 pregnancies I took store brand ones. But now I'm wondering if there's something better, or they pretty much the same?
Hi everyone! My name is Jess. I just got my BFP yesterday, at 10dpo, and this was our first cycle trying. I'm due at the end of April, looks like the 26th will be my edd. I'm 27 and my dh is 28. This will be our 3rd child. We are thrilled!!! I'm thinking that this baby is a boy, just a feeling (although I had the same feeling with dd2!). If I'm right we'll name him Riggs, which has a big family history and a lot of meaning for my family. I'm looking forward to getting to...
So, this morning I took a FRER. I am 10dpo, cd 27. I got my BFP!! Here's to hoping it's sticky!!!!! I'll take another in a few days and then I'll call my dr for a blood test. Then I guess I'll have to start looking for a midwife if the test comes back ok. Good luck to everyone!!
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