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Taking notes on the responses. Our 4 year olds sound VERY similar. 
Spencer Ewen
I'm making 1 container from my ice tea maker every other day it seems, so about 2.5-3 cups a day. I haven't really noticed any difference since upping how much I'm drinking but who knows? 
36 weeks
My last pregnancy when I was 8.5 mths pregnant my MIL said to me "you're wide pregnant. Not that cute basketball pregnant like a lot of women"    I don't think my belly is that big, its big for me but I'm all torso so I have more of a long belly, the new midwife I'm seeing what measuring me at my first apt with her and feeling around and said "well, do you think he's going to be a big baby?" I just laughed and said "my ODS was 7lbs10oz so I don't think I grow them...
Here is my list as of right now     Hospital bag 3 pair underwear 2 nursing bras 3 tanks 1 pair sweats 1 skirt Clothes for Mark (underwear, shirt, shorts) bikini top squishy ball for hands lavender lotion hairbands shampoo/conditioner/body wash toothbrush/toothpaste hairbrush, hairdryer, straightener  overnight pads lip chap camera camera charger copy of birth plan x2 cell phone cell phone charger bathing suit for...
Congrats mama! Beautiful birth story!
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