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Thanks Tiffany! thank you so much to everyone for your thoughtful posts. Lots of food for thought, and things I will try. Deva, I read the links and found some useful information there (except on the babycenter link where a reader posted a comment saying "whip down his drawers and whip him. next time whip him twice" or some such thing : ). Shaggy, I love the 3 step program. For the most part, I do these things, but I think I need to be more consistent and...
Quote: Originally Posted by flyingspaghettimama One mom extended the offer of a playdate and then RESCINDED it this morning after saying her daughter didn't seem too excited about the playdate. WTF???? Wow, that is outrageous! So sorry that happened. I know my feelings would have been crushed!
I use a mini shower and endeavor to remove every.single.bit.of.poop. There is *no* amount of poo that I'm ok with throwing in the wash. I also keep the pail next to the toilet.
I don't necessarily refuse to let them eat anything in particular, but I do refuse to *buy* things like fruit loops and fruit snacks as staples in our home. If they are at someone else's house, and there are fruit loops, then it's a special treat. I don't want to fall into the trap of making certain foods "the forbidden fruit."
I would have put a bit of cake on the table with his dinner. In my experience, the kids will take bites of everything in front of them, and since you don't have cake very often, IMO it's not that big of a deal.
My ds (4) has recently started saying this to my dd (2.5). He has also said it to me a few times, but mainly he reserves this lovely tid-bit for his little sister. I am so upset about it, and I don't know how to handle it. It's not something he hears from dh & I, or from anyone else that I know of. I don't think I've ever heard my older dd say it. This is part of a bigger pattern of not getting along AT ALL with little sis. He has knocked her down a few times,...
I'm not a big fan of the mr./mrs. thing either, but I agree with chinakat that it's a matter of familiarity. We take the other's lead, and I generally tell my kids friends that they can call me colleen. we have a few friends where we use "miss colleen" and "mr so and so" which I'm also not a big fan of, but it'll work.
Quote: Originally Posted by mata hi mamaroni-nice to see you back! Is she six today? If so, happy birthday to her and congrats to you!! thanks! I need to go change my sig line, she was 6 on Sunday.
can I join? I read this thread for a bit when it first started then totally forgot about it. I've just skimmed the last pages and have a few comments, but mostly I'm looking forward to hearing about all the different experiences. My oldest started 1st grade right after Labor Day and it's going great as far as I can tell. This is the 3rd year this school has been open. DD attended K here too and I really really really liked her K teacher. The word in the 'hood is...
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