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What about the Bum Genius Flip (which I've used and really like on my chubby-thighed 21 month old)?
I used BG3.0 one size for almost a year with no problems, but my 17m/o recently started leaking at night, too. I ordered a couple of Flip diapers with the stay-dry inserts and have loved them. A Flip cover with 2 stay-dry inserts (or one stay-dry insert and one regular BG insert - put the stay-dry on top since the microfiber isn't supposed to touch skin) is my new nighttime gold standard. Even when the inserts are completely saturated, no leaks!
My "little chunker" (as we call her) is 17 months and 27 pounds, with a chubby round belly and chompable thighs. All the Bum Genius diapers fit her well (including the new Flips, which I have been loving ever since my well-used 3.0 One-Sizes started having velcro/leaking issues). We've been using them on the highest rise for a while now, even though that makes them go pretty high up on her back (which isn't a problem, just looks a little silly), but it makes them fit...
We use Imse Vimse liners. I would skip them if my daughter's (16m/o) poos were consistently "ploppable" (yuck!), but they're often sort of smooshy and would really require a "poop spatula" (lol), so I use the liners to make my life easier.
For those who use wipes solutions that include some kind of oil, is there any problem with washing them with your diapers? I always heard that one of the benefits of cloth wipes is that you can stick them inside the diaper and then wash together. But, then, I saw some comments online that made me wonder whether the oil in the wipes solution will case buildup on the diapers and affect absorbency?
I love my Maxi Cosi Foray! Maxi Cosi brand is sold lots of places, but this particular stroller is exclusive to Babies R' Us. For me, it has all the benefits and features of a high-end stroller at a more reasonable (not gonna lie - still not what anyone would call cheap) price.
Peanut butter balls - peanut butter, powdered sugar, butter, rolled into balls and then coated in chocolate. Like homemade Reese's. So good!
Hmmm... well, I'm really happy with the pocket one-size BG, but on your recommendations I'm going to wash, wash, wash the organic AIO and see if it works better for us. I do think it gives a trimmer fit, which would be nice. Also, maybe I'm imagining things, but the organic AIO seems like it would fit my super-chunky baby for longer...
I wanted to like the AIO since it cuts out the stuffing and unstuffing of the pocket one-size, but we've never had luck with them. The AIOs always leak on me! I've rarely (3-5 times in 6 months) had a leak with the BG pocket one-size (and those times it was really my fault for leaving the diaper too long over night). I don't even use extra inserts in the pocket; the regular insert is plenty absorbent for us.
I follow the instructions that cottonbabies e-mailed when I ordered my BG3.0s: cold wash, hot wash, extra rinse on any temperature. I also ordered Allen's Naturally from the same website and use 2 tsp of detergent in each wash, as directed by the receipt that came with the detergent. Have been doing this for several months, never used bleach or stripped the diapers, and they are sparkling clean and very absorbent.
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