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The book "The Big Eating Book" is not about nursing, but features it while talking about how 'everyone eats'. The Big Eating Book (Big Board Books) http://amzn.com/1605371009
How old is your DC? Where is your daycare? Are they licensed? How often does your DC nurse? Does the feeding schedule match? DS doesn't really nurse before noon. I tod the DCP so they don't worry if he isn't interested in a bottle in the morning. DS is almost 4 months and I send 3 bottles of 3-4 ounces. Sometimes he drinks all the milk in all the bottles, sometimes not. The regulation in our state is that they can warm a bottle once, offer for 2 hours, then it is done....
I had mine done with DD, but now I am thinking I could do it myself. How long does it dry in the oven?? DH will never eat from our oven again!!
I've read that sudden changes in positions can make them worse, so perhaps taking it eat and slow for a few days will help.
HANDS OFF OF ME!!!! Hate it, except for my very close friends.
We have this one and love it! Shows breastfeeding and baby wearing. Board book with simple sentences and gender neutral kids.   http://www.amazon.com/My-New-Baby-Rachel-Fuller/dp/1846432766/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1353268457&sr=8-2&keywords=new+baby
We have a mini Arms Reach co-sleeper that I bought off of CL. It was a great diaper holder. I think DD slept in there for maybe 10 minutes her whole life. Our friends borrowed it and their kid loved it; DD had to be touching me to sleep. So we will see what happens with the next one. It does have a lip (about 3 or 4 inches high?) on the side next to the bed, so baby can't just roll from sleeper to bed.    I am actually starting to feel pregnant this week- breast...
Belly has definitely popped even more over here. My bra size hasn't really changed this time. Last time, it went up right away. I've had no tenderness yet (maybe because I'm still nursing DD?), but have been gently weaning her and just a few days ago noticed breast tenderness. Maybe next is some increase in size? Wouldn't mind at all, as I am normally an A cup, LOL.     Here's me (green shirt) on the day I went into labor with DD. Definitely bought new bras...
I have a little bug picture from 8w. Our 20 week is scheduled for Dec 10. Can't wait!
We had a doula last time, and will this time, too. Last time, labor started at 10pm, doula came at 2am, DH got to sleep a bit, she helped me and helped him help me (hope that makes sense). Midwives didn't come until 8am, DD was born at noon. Our midwife is very hands off and I don't remember her doing a whole lot while I labored. I remember DH and our doula massaging my back and talking me through contractions. The student midwife who came monitored baby's heart rate...
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