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SusannahR your playmat is gorgeous! :)  
Wow! :)  
So interesting reading this. My DS has been learning numbers this way and now has become interested in the letter I.
My DS is three and a half and has never had his hair cut. He's happy with the length and to me it seems in good condition. Does he need a trim to prevent split ends or is it fine to leave it unless he wants it cut? Anyone else not cut their child's hair?
Quote: Originally Posted by amberskyfire Have you all seen the blog Our Little Nature Nest? I just found it yesterday and I find it nearly impossible to tear my eyes away. It has the most AMAZING handmade toys with instructions. There are so many activities on there that I never would have even thought of. I am going to be following this blog for years to come. It's got so many different toys I want to make for my daughter. Thanks for that...
There's a monthly Carnival of Unschooled Life at The Expanding Life blog.
Quote: Originally Posted by katelove To change the subject for a minute, sorry... I have been toying with the idea of blogging our experiences of following TCC with our first baby. I'm imagining a kind of warts and all diary of what we do, how it works for us in our circumstances, adaptations, challenges etc. Do you think that would be something people would be interested in reading? Feel free to say no I would love to read it! Do let us...
Quote: Originally Posted by Not Sure BTW, is it CC to dance around the living room to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" with dd in my arms when she's overtired and wants to held? 'Cause sometimes it's the only thing that will calm her, and she'll fall asleep on my shoulder, and it's sooo nice to sing those words to her... *sigh* :-) (Gonna do it anyway!) Lol! Definitely sounds CC to me!
We love it too
One of our favourites is Hug by Jez Alborough. It's about a baby chimp called Bobo who's looking for his mum to have a hug. The only words are "Hug", "Bobo" and "Mummy"
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