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I just started with my three year old I found this http://www.drfeder.com/index.php?page=articles&action=viewArticle&articleID=161 helpful. Today was her first DTaP she seemed to do really well so far-no pain or swelling, no fever and fine mood. I will be keeping a close eye for the next few days but thus far seems fine. We have used homeopathics in the past with great success so I was happy to find this info.   Good Luck!
Great advice! I am just trying to figure out my plan of attack in the garden, this is helpful knowledge. Thanks!!
This is a super easy recipe that we like- I think it meets all of the specifications not sure on the leavening. We use oat flour instead of rice flour and it turns out well. http://www.wellsphere.com/celiac-dis...muffins/691752
I have really liked this website http://www.theppk.com/ (the oatmeal pancakes are a house favorite!). They have a lot of recipes that are whole foods. When I moved out of the states I realized how much I relied on soy foods and tofu in my diet. It helped looking at other cuisines around the world as a source of whole foods based recipes. Hope that helps. Good Luck!
I've had good luck with finding local grass fed meat (including soup bones!) at the farmer's markets. Another idea is to look on craigslist under the farm and garden section. Asking around might turn up something-that's how I found a friend of my brother who sells privately. There are also some online sources, maybe http://www.localharvest.org/ can help. Good luck, there's nothing like homemade broth!
This is something that had been bothering me as well. I mentioned it at my last doctor's appointment and she said it indicated an allergic reaction. She said to keep a food diary in order to pin point the exact cause although it sounds like you may already have an idea. The "pulse test" is an allergy test and simply measures your pulse after a possible allergen contact/ingestion. Hope that helps!
I think wanting to be a well rested mama is not being a bad mama at all. I know that for me when I am tired I am less patient, less energetic and generally not feeling like "myself". Have you tried having DP put your baby down to sleep at night, have them develop a routine together that may allow comforting from someone besides you during the night? I sometimes need to remind my DP that there are other means of comforting besides breasts that he is well capable of...
Quote: Originally Posted by 13Sandals And btw - there is a great swedish study that shows breastfeeding for 3 months provides excellent long-term protection against HiB. Hi, In France when looking at vaccine recommendations Prevnar was recommended only if there was two months or less of breastfeeding. Good Luck with your decision.
Sid the Science Kid had an episode about how getting the flu vaccine is a good way to stay healthy. He says he doesn't want it, but since his parents love him they will do it. Disappointing to say the least.
Finally people who will appreciate my great finds! A brand new raclette maker-8.00 Children's place corduroy pants 1.50 Zara sweater 1.75 various books between .50 and 1.00 Well those are the recent standouts. Feeling a bit jealous about the (two no less) Stokke chair score-WOW!
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