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Has she always been like this or is her behavior something new? I ask  because i could has written this post about my 8 yo son. SAME behavior. Wonderful in school, kind and caring deep down, verbally abusive and flys off the handle daily at home. He does have some sensory issues with clothing,although they have gotten much better as he gets older. Very bright, very "intense".   Just helps me to know there is someone else having the same issues as me. Sorry no...
As far as I know, there isn't one. Denise Barber Jenks delivered my son 8 years ago, but moved to Saranac Lake/Lake Placid area about 4 years ago. I had my other 3 births in Saranac Lake. Maybe in the Rome area??  
I live in upstate NY (Central Adks) and got a religous exemption for for my son when he started kindergarten (he's in 8th grade now) I also now have 2 other kids in school. It was not difficult at all, and when my other kids started school,I didn't even have to meet with anyone, just copied all the previous paperwork and changed the names. Just sharing to let you know that its not always a big fight. I did make sure I crossed my T's and dotted my i's, and I did consult...
I wanted to name my dd Marjorie (Jorie for short), But no one else liked it, so we ended up with Schuyler instead. Also have a Henry(12), Charlie (10) and George(7).
I think it would depend a bit on the area you're at. My kids were all skiing independently at 5-ish. But we are a small ski area and my dh is the manager. We are there every day, my kids ski every day.. so they learned to ride the lift at a pretty young age. But I do like my kids to ski with a buddy.. I don't think skiing all alone is a great idea.. although it happens sometimes at our small area. If we're at a large area I would insist on a buddy.
I don't know how much your kids would enjoy it, but I love the Good Earth original teas. Really cinnamon-y.
All 4 of my kids have always had a period, between dinner and bedtime, when they go absolutely nuts... just about the time of day when I want them to  have 'quiet time".  Its normal in my house, anyway...
 i think you're really going to enjoy the heat you get from your woodstove. its nice to have that constant warmth as opposed to a furnace that goes on and off.   We.ve heated our home with wood for 18 years now, and after awhile you get really good at controlling the heat by the amount of wood and the airflow. I am of the mindset that its a PITA to start a new fire, as opposed to stoking one thats already there,jmo, though.   I think you may find that a couple of...
We went two winters with a broken furnace. We have a small direct vent heater in our living room, and a small radiant heater in our mudroom,( because its closed off from the rest of the house) But our wood stove has always been our main source of heat, and even now that our furnace works we rarely, if ever, use it.
I bought one from walmart.com for 30 bucks. Didn't see it in the stores but they have it online. I think its called the wee ride or something similar. I've been very happy with it.
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