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Bumping this, miss you guys!
That site also has dosing info, for my guy it was 2.5 mls
Not natural but Mylanta cherry supreme. Has to be supreme because other may contain aluminum. CVS has a generic, Turquoise bottle. Helped my son when he outgrew Zantac and we were switching to Prevacid. Prevacid has been awesome since he was about 4 months, 16 lbs. Why won't your doctor adjust? Consider switching docs? Check out the reflux rebels web site, that's where I got the tip on the Mylanta cherry supreme.
Pitch, congrats to you! Great job persevering with the breastfeeding, big challenges are pretty normal whether in supply, infection, etc, but I promise it will get easier. I have talked to so many moms and almost all had some problem in the beginning. 3 pushes! I am so jealous ;) Hey take video of that little guy just lying there sleeping or nursing. I wish I had.  I know it's SO cliche but they change so quickly and you'll forget what he looked like in just a few...
I was told Zantac can take up to two weeks to work full on but it helped my son until he was about 16 lbs at 3.5 months then we switched to prevacid which he's still on at almost 6 months. The prevacid has worked really well, when we split the solutab and give it twice a day.
Hi ladies, I changed my screen name because I realized I was using it multiple places and it was easy to search out the gory details of my pregnancy/ttc. Happy new year, mamas and babies! Hope everyone is doing well. It's actually getting down to freezing in AZ at night, I saw ice on the sidewalk today maybe for the first time ever since moving here 7 years ago. Let's hear some updates, hope everyone is well. It's unbelievable to me that Lyle will be 6 months on...
Buttefly_mommy, what a gorgeous kid in gorgeous knits! :) I don't know but I think my son is pushing 20 at 5.5 months, so I'm following this thread, He was down to the 75th percentile for weight at 4 months but now I think he's back up.
  Bouncy seat, carseat, put him in a moby wrap or sling and once he's sleeping, you can sit in a chair. Some babies do tolerate "blanket time" early, mine didn't. Some babies like to be on a boppy, either on their backs or tummy. Around 3.5-4 months is when babies start to really get interested in their environment, but before that it seems like they can enjoy the change in atmosphere in my experience.
Thinking of Tickletoes, too, and hoping for good news!
Congrats Livingsky and big brother Kayden! So happy for you. I was thinking I need to get your hypnobabies back to you just the other day.
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