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  Here's Lyle, hope you can see the costume...My mom's group has a photographer and we paid $5 for her to take this shot and one other, I kind of like them but I wish his DIY chicken feet were more visible, a la my crappy camera phone photo...
Those of you who remember our sweet friend Tickletoes, she got a BFP recently, and you can go congratulate her on the TTC thread, c'mon sticky baby vibes!
Yeah I have given up, especially with the ginormo-boobs. My husband uses the ring sling all the time and they are both pretty comfortable, but when he's on me in the sling he just crushes my boobs and I can't imagine how to hoist one in there for him to nurse.
TT!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO thrilled for you, especially that things are looking and feeling healthy at this point. Betas are looking good, I am hoping this speeds by for you so you can get to a confident place. Lots of love from your old pal Boots  
I basically would pay any amount of money if I could figure out a carrier I can nurse in. :(
I expect more Halloween costume pics today! Don't tell my DDC (hehe Lily and andaluza) but Bajingo babies are my favs! Lyle's costume pics will be here by tonight. Right now he hasn't pooped in 36-ish hours and his costume involves a white onesie. I wonder what will happen... ;)
Hey, those that have been following my career saga (or not) -- i just filed paperwork to extend my leave for the rest of the school year. My principal took it well, was supportive, and told me my job might even be available next year. Better than I could have hoped for. I am a stay-at-home mom for the next 10 months at least! I am going to try to get some part-time online teaching stuff, and then really see if I feel healthy enough and mentally prepared to go back to...
Have you guys noticed that other babies look weird in comparison to your baby? Lyle has a giant 95+ percentile head, and i met another mom with a 14# 12 week old and his head was ridiculously tiny, imho! :)
Sol, here's the article I read with the signs: http://www.examiner.com/article/using-baby-sign-language-to-enhance-your-breastfeeding-experience   Now I just have to remember to do them every time I nurse! Most of what I've read says babies can start signing for milk at about 5 months. That seems so close! :)
New Posts  All Forums: