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So I basically never thought I'd breastfeed beyond 1, and I wasn't even sure about that. now that it looks like I'm going to be home more, I'm thinking about this more. One thing I keep hearing women say is that they feel comfortable breastfeeding "until they can ask for it." I really want to hear everyone's thoughts on this. It's crazy to me! We've started signing for "milk" and "all done" already, I never thought I'd do signs either but he gets frustrated when I...
So cute! I love the gown with history. :) More pics! :)
Lyle is definitely grabbing at things now. He does well grabbing the rings in his play gym. We're still working on not freaking out during tummy time so rolling and pushing up into cobra are going to be a tough ones.  Although several moms have told me at about 4 months their babies that just hated it started tolerating it and pushing up and rolling. So here's hoping. Also, just went through a major growth spurt and he's outgrown some of his 0-3 month clothes and is in...
Okay, we forget we had a chicken hat, so we are going to make a "cracked egg" onesie and some orange babylegs with felt chicken feet on them and call it done. I am going to this Halloween party during the day on Halloween that my local mom's group is doing, and one of them is photographer and so for $5 she will take a professional shot of your munchkin. Cute. I am not sure i am clicking with all the moms but I'm trying to stay busy while my career is up the...
I really like my mei tai with our 3 month old. He's a big guy and can be legs out already. In the ergo he's months from being legs out, I think. I used a rolled blanket between his bum and knees which helps get him in a deep squat. He likes it okay. But the mei tai is super snuggly. My only issue with it so far is that it tends to slip down and I keep having to tie it higher and higher.
I have no advice about the pregnancy but it does seem to me as someone who has struggled with depression that you are pretty depressed. Have you ever been treated or evaluated for depression? Treating that depression (automatic negative thoughts, etc) might help you make this decision with a clearer head. Just my opinion, good luck whatever you decide, I hope things get easier for you.
TT, just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and the babies you lost. I am so hopeful for you! I hope it's this cycle but I'm so glad you have a good plan in place with your RE.   Lilac, hope you had a good dinner with your DH. I cannot believe that the aesthetics of your classroom was noted on your evaluation (in writing?) Grrrrrrrrr. I could go off, you know how burnt out I am right now, but really, seriously, that is stupid.
  love this idea! Lyle is 3 weeks old here.
My son was born 8/3. I am rather anemic from the birth and he is colicky, but mostly we are both doing well, BFing going well after a bit of a rough start. I was supposed to go back to my job as a middle school English teacher in a poor, minority neighborhood last week. However, as the date approached I found myself depressed and weepy. I called HR and was told I could take up to a year of family leave per my contract, but that my specific position at my school...
Our pediatrician is pushing them, too. Whatever. Notice they are made by formula companies and say "essential for BF babies." I read some stuff from LLL and Kellymom and decided we're fine and since we live in AZ neither of us will probably have a vit D deficiency. .  
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