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I'm 10 weeks with 6th pregnancy, 3rd baby and not showing at all though my pants are tighter. Stomach is still flat, which is good because we haven't told anyone yet.
Went to the midwife yesterday and got the heartbeat on doppler at 9w2d! 156bpm!
Go with your gut feeling because when it comes down to it, you will be in primal mode and if your gut isn't as comfortable with this midwife, then when you are in labor it will show. I actually think the way a website looks is very telling. It shows how professional she is and how highly she thinks of her audience.
Tear, that is AWESOME!!! You guys deserve to have it easy after what you went through to get your little girl! Happy anniversary!
Cari - HEY!!! We get to be in the same DDC again!!!
Ok, I am so exceedingly sorry that I took so long to update everyone! If I have missed anything, please let me know, or if you would like ne to rewrite your line, just shoot me a PM with what you want it to say. Also, I have not kept up very well with the DDC this week (it was a REALLY bad week) so if I have missed any mamas that have had a loss, could someone let me know? I am going to try and catch up right now.   Thanks so very much for your patience!
Suzie - considering the size is consistent with where you are - is it possible you have a retroverted uterus? I have heard it is VERY hard to see a heartbeat with one and seeing as the baby measured on target - I dunno. Big hugs for you either way. 
I am sorry, it has been a horrific week - I will update asap!
I go to the compounding pharmacy and get 30 50mg suppositories for 25 bucks - I would definitely look into a compounding pharmacy!
Nursing my 4yo and almost 15mo. The 4yo is almost weaned, the 15mo is nowhere near -thankfully I still have lots of milk and no pain!
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