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So sorry, lonegirl 
I'm in a weird place, queasy enough to feel picky about what I eat, and to feel at times like maybe I'm hungry, but it's not worth the hassle of trying to find something appealing... But I've lost several pounds already, and while I know that's not awful in the first trimester (and I have a couple extra!), I feel like I should make a little more of an effort to get the nutrition in  ESP. since the lactose intolerance kicked in, which will make it even harder since I...
I guess we've really started telling now!  We went out to dinner as a family and gave DD a calendar that I'd pasted some little pics into, of the baby's development every two weeks or so (she's into that kind of stuff) and some major holidays and family celebration days...  She was a riot!  So incredibly excited, she couldn't stop laughing and talking - she's still going, in fact, 2 hours later  Now here's hoping she'll be able to keep things just a little restrained for...
I think I'm lactose intolerant again now!  It happened with DD late 2nd tri, but I wonder if really it started earlier and I just didn't know what the pains were until they were EXTREME.  This time, I'm feeling it and going, oh yeah, I remember this   So off dairy I go!  What else I'm eating...  Grapes, ginger tea, lots of protein, baked oatmeal w/ apricots and almonds, green beans, salads...  What I'm not eating - strong smelling foods like broccoli 
I've been struggling, too - tried forcing myself not to nap, to stay up a little later, not drink much before bed...  Nothing worked.  But last night I slept by myself on the couch - my usual 3rd tri trick - and it was so much better!  More comfortable and more calm without getting jostled by DH!  Still woke up to pee but got right back to sleep :)
With DD I threw up once a day consistently for a month starting around week 12.  I actually felt ok most of the time - it was just that one morning event every day :)  It helped when I brushed before breakfast, so it felt even more minor.
  1. When are you telling people about your pregnancy? Will anyone special be the first to know? Any creative ideas?   We've told only a very small handful of people, but yesterday we saw the heartbeat at 7.5 weeks, and that has me starting to feel much more positive and excited to tell!  So today I told my boss, who was enormously supportive and relaxed about it, and that clears the way for telling lots of friends who are in that circle.  I'm sure we'll want to...
My plan until I get some more energy...  15m on the elliptical, most mornings.  Half of PPW vol. 1, 4x/week (that's really all I can manage at once!), prenatal yoga 1x/week.  I get lots of walking in, too, during the day, so I think this will be pretty good for now, at least keep me in condition until the energy comes back!
I saw my baby today!  Heart beating, measuring perfectly at about 7w3d...  My midwife said my risk now was less than 3% - yay!
That's so great - it must feel SOOO good!
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