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It gets better, esp. if you keep exercising however much you can - all the sudden, you'll hit 2nd tri and have so much energy one day!    Meanwhile, I fell asleep at 8p, which is normal these days, but now I'm at 2a, in part b/c I had something important I was planning to get done in the morning, mostly b/c pregnancy makes sleep so wacky!!  My body decided now would be the best time to wake up to do it?  I work Sunday mornings, so I hope I can fall back asleep now...
I have such sore breasts - and I'm so thrilled about it!  I didn't experience a lot of breast change during my pregnancy with DD, and it turns out for me it was b/c I already had a problematic lack of breast tissue, which led to major nursing problems.  (Though we still made it til almost 3yo with LOTS of support and some little tubes )  So seeing and feeling all these breast changes this time gives me so much hope!  I would LOVE to nurse without tubes this time!
Yesterday was just a tired day for me, but I've exercised basically every other day this week, so I'm feeling good :)  This morning I'm going to do the elliptical and try a prenatal yoga video on Netflix.  I don't want to do the Perfect Pregnancy workout 1 more that 2x/week, so I'm hoping the yoga will work out for one other day a week.
Wow, 34 weeks!  Good luck as you start the Goat's Rue...  I'll be so curious to see how starting it early works for you - that's one of my questions, whether to start it before the baby is born.  If I can ask, what decided you?    
I just made my first breakfast baked potato this morning :)  They were my best friend in the first tri last time, too!
I'd pulled mine back out for the intro stretching segment I love a few times so far, but today was the first day I felt the energy/drive to do the whole workout.  Wow, remembered why I love it, but I don't think I'm in quite as good of shape as last time!!  Kicked my butt, but I feel good after - so relaxed and tension-free   And I remember feeling so good last time in 2nd and 3rd tri - so I know it will be worth it!  
Can I jump in?  I lived in this forum several years ago :)  DD is 3.5yo now, and I didn't realize we were having problems nursing until she was about 4-5 weeks old.  Everyone tells you it's normal to feel like your LO nurses 24 hours a day at first, right?  So it took a while to realize it wasn't a state of mind for us, it was reality, and yet she didn't seem to be gaining weight!  I still feel so sad looking at pictures of her at that stage now - she got so skinny!...
That is great! I'm motivated, too!  Finally got back on the elliptical after the crazy, active week from work followed by major allergy/sinus problems (now resolved).  Didn't go super long, but it felt great!  Will probably fit in a 10m walk at work today, and then hopefully do half of my prenatal DVD when I get home!
Cathy, I think you can still "pass," but wow, if your tummy was flat before, that is a dramatic difference!   I had to go rooting around in the maternity clothes myself yesterday...  No "tummy" per se, the bloating and thickening is just starting, and I knew I'd tucked a pair of normal jeans a size up from when I lost the baby weight in there.  They're a little loose in legs and butt, but feel great on my tummy!  I bet I'll be back to belly bands with them in a week...
I always have a little bit of tendency to sinus problems, in this sense that a little cold will frequently turn toward a sinus infection - but I don't normally have allergies per se.  Then a couple days ago it's like my nose turned into a giant trigger!  I'm sneezy and blowing all the time, no other signs of a cold, just a little itchiness in my eyes and a lot in my nose, which is a fountain - yuck!   So I have a NeilMed Sinus Rinse thing (kind of like a neti pot) I...
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