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DS2, 3 years; DS3 7-8 months. We finally took both of them up to some land belonging to DH's family and buried them under a small tree. Our freezer has so much more room now! And we don't have to worry about someone cooking them because they thought they were pot roasts.
Me too! Except maybe not worry so much.
My three-yr-old likes videos of himself as a baby, too. And he'll go dig out the toys he played with in the videos and play with them a while. Blues Clues, Dora, and Bear in the Big Blue House are all good. They're not full-length movies, but I find them very gentle, yet still entertaining. Cinderelmo is good, as are pretty much any of the Sesame Street based stories, although I find Elmo's World sort of annoying. Thomas the Tank Engine is another good series--sometimes...
My DCP agreed to do cloth as long as it didn't take any longer that using sposies, so she doesn't dump poop in the toilet either--and that's fine, as long as I get to keep my baby in cloth. But we were doing the sposies at the DC thing too for a while. I went ahead and washed at least twice a week, even if it was a small load.
Just would like to point out that pretty much any daycare situation will have good and bad points. If this is the one and only problem, and it looks like you've resolved it to something that is at least workable, you might want to let it rest for a while before making any changes and see how things go.
I'm gradually re-adding exercise to my life. We joined our local YMCA. They vary quite a bit, but ours has a great deal for a family membership--$60/month. And 2 hrs of free childcare a day while you're there. Now, the childwatch hours can be odd here, and they are only available on Saturday mornings on weekends, but it's helpful. DH and I now have a standing date to go work on the weight machines on Sat mornings. I'd like to work in at least one more "formal" exercise...
ITA, boomingranny. I would also add, as understandable as her behavior is, you and your caregivers will just have to be very careful about her boundaries for a while. No giving in to unacceptable behavior just because you feel bad about going back to work--it will make everything worse. My almost-4-year-old has been having similar issues with my returning to work. We are being very careful to give him attention and reinforce his good behavior, and we're having to have...
Isn't it scary? But the benes are great.
I liked working at a bookstore. Yeah, it's retail, but it's the best retail job I ever had. I've done it several times when I needed part-time work. Most of the people who work in bookstores are cool, and your coworkers make such a huge difference to your experience. Plus, there's discounts and some stores will let you borrow books. The only drawback is that you might not get as many hours as you want in only 4 nights. But some of the big ones stay open late, so check there.
We just got a Trac-fone for my 17 year old DS. He went on a cross-country bus trip to visit relatives, and we just felt better about it if he had a phone. We bought him some minutes, and he got some bonus minutes for activating online, but now he's responsible for buying any more. He's pretty responsible, but it's easy to run up a bill without realizing it.
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