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Ha ha Laohaire I never thought of it as her love language, it sure is hey. Amanda it is great, she has so much get up and go its amazing. I only wish I had enough energy to keep up with her lol
DD is 4 and my little helper, to the point where she follows me wherever I go and is usually one step ahead. I put the kettle on for a cup of tea and next thing I know she has dragged her high chair over to the cupboard above the fridge and has gotten a mug out and the tea bag in it and is waiting for the kettle to boil so she can pour it. (which I don't let her do BTW) I mean it's great having my own personal maid but : talk about busy. In any given day she will make a...
Don't forget to check out around the Coffs Harbour area, you can get a really nice pad on the beach for around 300k aussie $$ in one of the villages, I lived in Murwillumbah most of my life and personally I think you can keep that whole stretch of coast, from Tweed Heads to Ballina. I used to love going to Cabarita and Hastings Point and taking the dogs to the beach now I wont go near the place way too many people. Woolgoolga is a quite town except during the holidays and...
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie did you mean wooli? I used to live there : right by the river Woopi is what the locals call Woolgoolga, but Wooli is magic. It is beautiful along that whole stretch of coast line
Quote: Originally Posted by graceomalley The Blue Mountains are gorgeous, I agree. Expensive rent though, from what I remember. If you don't want a city, places outside beachy cities can be really nice. Coffs Harbour has a fairly high crime rate, but Woolgoolga is CHEAP and it's only 20 minutes north. Nelson Bay is north of Newcastle and is lovely (or Fingal Bay). Good nudist beaches that way I'm going to highly recommend Bellingen. It's...
:LOL: That's really all you need. My kids have been to a few different schools in NSW and they only want the info incase of outbreaks
I am reading a couple at the moment, hitchiking through aspergers, it's in the car so I can't tell you who the author is, and Parent to Parent by Ann Bouchey, very easy to read and informative
my 3yo dd (suspected aspie) wont wear shoes either, or clothes for that matter, but her feet get hot and I guess she just doesn't like the feeling of something on her feet. I insist if safety is an issue but otherwise I just let her go, why cause more drama than we need. If it was me taking her to a wedding I would put shoes on her just as we got out of the car and then once she decides to take them off then they are off kwim. Enjoy your trip
He moved out 18 months ago but it felt like I was doing it on my own for a long time before he left
Quote: Originally Posted by MsChatsAlot * He knows who he is and what he values * He lives by his values * He has good friends * He has close, active relationships with his family * He is loving & kind * He is accountable * He is open-minded Bingo! Summed up very well
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