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If I could go back and spend my money on doula training, I'd choose CBI. I went through another organization and feel, unfortunately, that it wasn't worth what I spent or the time away from my family for the training.
My preceptor and I are friends. She was my midwife for my last two babies and we just kept in touch. After my ds was born she knew I wanted to start doula'ing and she offered to ask me to births (if it was ok with the Mama of course). Then I started midwifery studies and she took me under her wing. We have so much fun doing births together!!! We plan on practicing together when I'm done apprenticing.
Can someone clear this up for me? On the Big Push for Midwives site they say: Quote: the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a resolution to introduce legislation outlawing home birth, and potentially making criminals of the mothers who choose home birth with the help of Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) for their families. But I don't read anything like that in the resolution (I'm having to read it from the TMZ link because I can't...
It's actually a bit amusing. God forbid more people start birthing at home! How dare those crazy homebirthers to take money away from the medical institution!! Silly doctors.
Lori You have received some great advice here! When I was reading your post, this is exactly what I was thinking: Quote: Keep working as an intactivist in some way, I know that kind of activity makes me feel better, and to learn more about the medical side of this, I think the more mothers you help, the more in control, and generally better you will feel.
Ask around and see if you can borrow that book. It's not one you really need to purchase.
Oooo....good questions!! Quote: what qualities do you possess that make you a "good" MW or doula? - I'm supportive of what Mama's choose for their birth. I realize that it is not my birth but hers and her decisions to make. - I have had hospital and home births so I am able to relate to women who are planning a birth in either setting. - I do my best to stay informed and educated about the birth world. Quote: What qualities...
Our bedroom. I put it there because: - I could shut the door and be alone if I wanted to. - We have a bathroom in the bedroom so it was just a few steps away when I needed it. - I was close to the bed.
Quote: ASL isn't just signing english. It's a whole language of its own with its own grammatical structure, etc. The best thing would be to find out if your community has something like our Independence Center with a resource lending library + family ASL classes (often specifically for parents with young children/toddlers). This is exactly what I was going to suggest.
Definitely ask to meet them! They are coming into your home and you have a right to know who is coming and if you are comfortable with them there. I firmly believe that if someone is going to assist at births, they need to attend at least the last six prenatal appointments.
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