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Thought I'd pop over and see if Christine had posted an update to her DDC. Again, Christine, I hope you don't mind. I know the ladies here are thinking of you and praying for you and I saw you hadn't updated MDC yet. From last night: Quote: they ended up going home last night. they are going to try her midwife's back up ob who is 3 hours north of where they are. csk's bp is up again. 154/100. the swelling is worse and she tested fro protein this...
Apparently Angelina is planning a homebirth for her twins....?? http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk Quote: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have had many of the contents of their US home sent to their rented villa in France. The pregnant actress – who is said to be planning a home birth – wants everything ready for when she goes into labour. Brad's even had his motorbike brought over.
Cool! Thanks for the link!
Another option is that you could see about renting it out to other homebirth couples later on.
#1 - hospital, 5hrs #2 - hospital, 3hrs #3 - home, 8hrs #4 - home, 4hrs
My preference is the BPIAB because of the handles. But I birthed in the infamous fishy pool twice and did alright. For one of them I wished I had something/someone to hold on to but mentally couldn't get to a place to verbalize it. The other time I was closer to the footboard and held on to that.
We use honey for skidmarks or very small tears that don't require stitches. Just take a bit and smear it on your pad. It won't be sticky until your body is done absorbing the healing qualities. Local and raw is best. Don't buy some at the store that has added sugars. You should get chux pads with your birth kit. You can order more at http://www.inhishands.com or other birth supplies places. I'd have at least a dozen.
Hey On the pushing....my first two were like you describe. But my third and fourth were COMPLETELY different. I only had the urge with contractions those times. So anything can happen. Especially with third babies.
My dh did. I am not the type that labors and needs hands-on support. I like to be left alone. So as long as I knew he was in the room, I was fine with him taking pictures.
I'm already that way just thinking about it. LOL!!
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